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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency news for today. Crypto Winter continues forward.

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  1. "The SEC is trying … the SEC is really trying." How in the world would you know? It's amazing how defensive of the SEC people have become … a variation on Stockholm Syndrome imho. "This is a way for them to let the markets settle down." Again, yes, that's one way of putting it. And who benefits from the markets settling DOWN? …

  2. Why bother with cost avg. Just buy when it seems right and use a tight stop loss. Buy $3000 @ $3k gets you 1btc
    Stop loss @ 2900
    Buy $2900 @ $2500 gets you 1.16btc
    Rinse, repeat.

  3. I pray we get down to 1k and hold it for 6 months or so. BTC at those prices for newer people to the crypto space would be a gift. At those prices the average person can accumulate multiple bitcoins which will lead to life changing wealth to the common man. Fingers crossed!

  4. BTC was created to serve as a currency and it has and will failed as such so now people attribute a store of value as it's next hot property, by definition an asset that is a store of value holds its value against other assets, BTC has failed again. Bitcoin is destined to be a highly volatile asset that will swing violently in price over time and allow Wallstreet to profit. It is clear a store of value in the long run will be stable coins, how this escapes people blows me.

  5. Thanks for the great content! Dump Bitcoin cash both crapy versions…this idiots should get no attention. Vechain is totally undervalued and so incredible cheap at the moment. I do believe in btc eth iota ada neo zil too this all are great projects who deserve more attention. Forget roger ver and craig wright…. people can hate me for that opinion but this guys slowing down and just showing negativity

  6. Hey George, is there any was to find out of these blockchain companies have cash on hand and might of sold there etherum when it was higher when they raised the funds, looking at some of the smaller caps like Nuls, wanchain, power ledger but concerned they might run out of money ?

  7. I think it’s funny that the SEC and U.S government are concerned about price manipulation and fraud and want to protect investors but they are the ones that are manipulating the market by not disclosing regulations and with this back and forth with the ETF all the time. The ETF would actually help with the price manipulation as it would stabilize the price more and clear cut regulations would let everybody no the rules. I think this is being done purposely thinking they can either kill or slow down this movement of crypto/blockchain.

  8. Hey George…here is something you may think it's funny. Say if we buy BTC at $10,000 (which I did, about 25% of my crypto purchases over the last 11 months) and it drops to $1000, we lose $9000 total and it is very bad. But if we buy now and it drops to $1000, we only lose $2000 and it is not too bad. And so I decided to 1 whole BTC. Anyway you got to take care that cool…you have it quite a long time and it might turn into Pneumonia. It happened to my son five year ago.

  9. Buy in increments, cost average, hold some cash for the big dips, HODL. Simple message, but so easily forgotten. Thanks for continuing to hammer it home.

  10. In The Netherlands “Going to the Moon” = “ naar de maan gaan” means You get wrecked seriously and that is indead what is going to happen to all those Hodlers 😉 when they stay in the game.

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