Bitcoin BTC Bear Market Analysis | Don’t Try To Catch The Bottom

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  1. I appreciate the guys still putting out content here on Cryptosomniac but it sucks when the original founders aren't contributing to the channel regularly. It's sort of a let down and is probably why your views are starting to dwindle…

  2. There's a famous quote from tone vays from a few months ago: ' till this day I'm nervous about 1300 not being retested' that was funny back when btc was 6-10k not so funny now.

  3. Thanks I love this channel Ive learned alot.However V shape recoverys are not' stupid ' as you say (even in your example back in 15 therese a xlear V shape on the weekly)you can jump in and make a quick buck to the upside then shorting the top,longing again the bottom (as most certainly it will be defended at least one time) of course stop losses set.. I can tell you I will be so much better prepared in the next cycle.. There's really good content and channel s here at YT… CRYPTOKIRBY, forflies,tone ways,richard heart and of course my favourite Willy Wo

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