The Next Bitcoin Price Bottom… And Are The Whales Planning A Massive Dump?

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  1. Whales and sharks already have pumped this into really Phat USD accounts. They made immense sums and it matters not if it goes to zero. They will milk it to zero but due to the damning blockchain record that can be endlessly taxed or prosecuted motivates it to go offline sooner than later.

  2. the kids watching this cant wait for another 2 months to go to the moon and ur telling them to wait and see what amazon did. get out of amazon and tech. those companies had a future becuz they actually did something for a living. btc is worthless.

  3. amazon sells goods and took on the biggest companies in the united states. new crypto is getting created everyday?

    you are comparing apples and oranges

  4. What about IOTA? The list of partnerships is more than almost all the other cryptos. Also it seems to be exactly like etherium with scaling fixed. (Smart contracts are still being developed though)

  5. Keep in mind Mt. Gox happened last bear market which prolonged the last bear run, while Bakkt is happening in six weeks or so. After Bakkt we have Fidelity and many other investment firms lined up to get in, these are much different conditions.

  6. People still thinking that bitcoin is going to 1k and that to the moon please go scan your fucking retarded brains!!!! Just dont buy that shit cause if u buy u loose straight’

  7. As …i write this on …dec 6 2018 btc at 3792……i believe its touching 2158 minimum…..Etherium is going to be one of the 1st markets that turn….that means alt coins will start to form bottom……xrp according to me is going to 0.09

  8. Great cause we all know government interference in the internet only created great companies that don't do shady stuff like censorship and has your best interest at heart. I'm sure everything will be fine.

  9. When lightning network is launched , how would a normal bitcoin user would use lightning network for transactions? Its a complex technical process right?

  10. Hey man! Don't miss a good opportunity by being too skeptical. It is good to be cautious but you don't make money by playing it safe. You make money by making intelligent risks. Look at the facts. EOS has 10x more people using it than Ethereum. It is maxing out at 100x the speed and about to get another 10x upgrade. The entire space hates EOS, that means no one has any of it. Everyone is talking about how Dan is thinking about other projects (a good criticism but you will understand his role after reading the book Crossing the Chasm and have an AH HA moment). Also read The Innovator's Dilemma and Ray Dalio's books as well. After you read those the pattern becomes clear as to why EOS, even with it's shit politics, is going to win the day.

  11. Comparing crypto with other markets may be irrelevant as crypto market is unique and is in totally different market environment. Especially Btcoin price is controlled manually by Whales most of times. So technical analysis is not applicable to the Bitcoin price trend. As far as Bitcoin with bear trend, the price will go down continuously at least another year. And there is no guarantee the price will go back up as Bitcoin does not have any value with its application in our daily life. The current Bitcoin price $3000 is very high against its utilization. B0.00125=US$5.00=a large coffee price at Starbucks. It is very inconvenient using B0.00125 to buy a coffee by consumer or sales clerk at Starbucks. Crypto coins should be able to be used like credit cards but crypto does not have its payment infrastructure in it yet but hackers or scammers.

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