The Best Smartphones Of 2018

Which smartphone should you buy? Here are the best smartphones of 2018. Depending on your desired feature set, there’s one for you.


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  1. He forgot to mention OP6T is missing WQHD display, dual speakers, headphone jack, 4,000mAh battery, faster fingerprint scanner, expandable storage, and Samsung users will say S-pen as well, not just wireless charger and unofficial water resistance.

  2. I'm wary of Samsung's bloatware. First Samsung puts in their apps. Then the carriers put in their apps. Also Samsung updates it's phone very slow compared to other phone brands who use near stock Android.

  3. Sure iphone would sit there cuz it is overpriced… A good phone should be measured against the price… If the price is too high for what it is, it shouldnt be on the list. HTC U12 is way better for spec and price.

  4. I had 4 iPhones in a row. Decided to get a Pixel as I got Abit bored with iOS. At first I was trying to set my Pixel up like my iPhones, and trying to use it like my iPhones. But with time I've began to change and use it how it's meant to be used. Now I'm really enjoying.

  5. I would say most of what is said about each phone is right, but I feel the biggest thing for each phone in this vid was either wrong or not said. Like not saying pix3 camera is most likely the best

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