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  1. they really just need to represent different genres on youtube and especially into trends and nostalgic moments from that year. that's basically what the viewers want. i think the outrage comes, not so much because of the chaos but because it has to be so damn advertiser-friendly. for me it just makes it stupid and of course I expected fortnite, even though i don't really like it that much. but the whole video was basically fortnite, some korean stuff, "let's give people what they want", more fortnite, ASMR with creators that don't even have anything to do with ASMR, ohh and will smith.

  2. I'm ok with the style, but not the content. What did we want? Memes, PewDiePie, the Logan KSI fight, and all that other stuff. What did we get? K-Pop, Fortnite dances, Baby Shark, and Drag.

  3. Youtube rewind fails to show anyone with a disability in the video. No wheel chairs, no nuffin.

    YOUTUBE = DISCRIMINATION = Not advertiser friendly.

  4. Its like the creators are pawns or Borg. Let them free YouTube! Imagine the all the creativity thats be stifled.


    Its obvious to me what YT is doing. YT has a competitor. Its every other screen you watch.

  5. I'm a big fan of yours, have been subbed forever but why did you have to be so awkward and cringy in rewind? You lost a bet or something? Really out of character

  6. I'm Telling You Niggas ! That Bitch Named Susan Wojcjcki Is behind all of this ! The apocalypse! No swearsies ! YouTube ain't broadcast Yourself No More!

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