Time Traveller’s Prediction for Bitcoin Price 2019

Back in 2013, an anonymous figure posted on the r/Bitcoin subreddit claiming to be a time traveller from the year 2025. He made a series of predictions for the price of Bitcoin in future years, and so far has proven to be pretty accurate.

In this video, we’ll be taking a look about what this time traveller’s predictions were for 2019.

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  1. Even though bitcoin price is dropping we all know we have to invest for our future and that of our kids and families, invest now by contacting me for more information

  2. LOL.. FAIL.. if you base your faith in time travelers much less bitcoin and it will reach 100K, then please do the world a favor and start up a new Heavens Gate Cult. Now, you wouldn't know what the hell that is being a millennial, but basically in years past it was cults like Heavens Gate that helped purge the world of retarded useless fucks through Self Darwinism. The same type that now buy into crypto cults and flat earth theories unfortunately have no natural self Darwin aspect to their cult but desperately need one for everyone else's sake.

  3. almost everyone thinks bit coin will boom in 2019…….if everyone buys then it will happen and we love band wagons and following the trends…..just my opinion. good luck everyone!

  4. Why dont you focus on Adoption, Technology, benefits, and not worry so much about price! The Value in Bitcoin is not in its price, its in its utility. It has TREMENDOUS value, dont get me wrong. The fact is, that as long as people are out pushing this price firstm get rich quick mentality, it wont be taken seriously!

  5. Crypto desperation… The fact that anyone would even consider the validity of this claim proves how stupid people are and why they lose money on scams. You people can be the sheep. I'll remain the wolf.

  6. People are still mining and everyone is seeing the fall and selling it only rose because of hype and that hype is dead. The only way bitcoin can go is to fall to a low price and flatline for the rest of its existence.

  7. Can you ask your time traveller to bring me some quality kush from the future when he comes next time?
    Many thanks.

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  9. If you sell me bitcoin @ 500 still I will not buy. But I have some bitcoins and it stays with me only 3/4 days a month with me. I am not time traveler but I can 1000009999% guarantee if you have a bitcoin after 6 month you will loose 65/70% of it worth

  10. 09 Dec 2019. One hour working in McDonalds =£7.83, this time next year with that I could probably buy 783 Bitcoins.
    Scary thought. Looks like far too many investors have lost heavily, crossed a red line so to speak and now want out by selling for what pittance is available $3375 each or HODL for the 100k. Could be anything, but you're gonna need the best of luck.

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  13. This guy has been bull since 9k. Stop letting him fomo u all in. Cartel did the same thing to gold as they r doing to Bitcoin. This is why futures was approved. So they could bring down the price and make money while doing it.

  14. This little preppy with a polite English accent can't figure out that Bitcoin is down well over 80% and it is nothing but an intangible product that lives in cyberspace unlike stocks that represent a true material product. ???
    Bitcoins days numbered!?
    Bitcoin is finally proven to be Monopoly money.
    Cheers to you too preppy…… chip chip Cheerio and all that kind of rubbish???????

  15. i got like 700 pounds in btc now its like 400 pounds than it hits 1000 i gone sell but in long run btc got value just because people believe so and than they realise what btc is wortless it gone go to 1000$ and stay long time because believers not gone sell. We gone see many bubless in cryptho and many bancrupt investors …

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    Merry Christmas
    Actually I was buying Bitcoin so I thought before I buy I should Google now I don't know should I buy or not

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  18. Oh look, BTC didn't hit 100k in 2018 as lots of people predicted. So we'll just push it off until 2019. *eye roll*.


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