Bitcoin on the verge of becoming worthless?

Santa Clara University Finance Professor Atulya Sarin on the outlook for bitcoin.


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  1. Keep talking bad about it so I can buy at 1000 dollar lol we don't buy this fud its all on purpose manipulation at its finest, news did this with the start of the internet too. Been studying this for 2 years in not going anywhere and xrp is the best.

  2. As the prices of btc fall, there will be less miners to compete for the reward (btc), which means the cost of mining drops as well. Bitcoin will recover. I’ve witnessed bitcoin go from at all time high of $1000 to $100 a few years back and now it’s $3600.

  3. They always got something to say when they don’t understand Bitcoin because of his status some people might listen to him ask him if he understand the blockchain and how it works

  4. Uh oh… the new generation of kids who put their student loans in Crypto are now panicking… should've diversified your portfolio kiddos… what to do. Sell at a loss or keep money in but it could go down more, what to do…

  5. LOL, this is how Bitcoin crushes the credibility of people who do not understand it. Neither the broadcaster, nor the professor understands it, yet they are on TV talking about it. Brave move guys! 🙂

  6. If it's on the verge of becoming worthless that implies it was worth something before so what changed why is it worthless now who made its worthiness absolute?

  7. There would never be no full node to keep the bitcoin ledger. Even the very cheap cryptocurrency are managing to keep their ledgers. There is only a 14 day lag for correcting the difficulty for mining

  8. What this gentleman said about the 2017 market was patently false and proves his lack of knowledge of the topic. He said that part of the collapse occurred because last December Bitcoin mining cost about $5k per Bitcoin and then miners would sell them for $19k on the Futures market. Well, considering the Futures markets were only cash settled contracts at that time, the Futures markets never held actual Bitcoin. How could miners sell them to the Futures market when they don’t settle in actual Bitcoin?

  9. Sure those who stepped into the Mining game with massive facilities are shutting down now…but when a big farm closes the difficulty of mining decrease therefore it is still profitable for those who remain in the game – the normal people across the globe.

  10. -86% IS a beautiful number. -82% only now, and these fools are calling it. Bitmain is down now. FUD other big guys too, Fox, so that I can mine with CPU once again LOL. only speculators who don't understand the working of bitcoin will listen to this fool and sell their coins to geeks VERY CHEAP XD
    It's just a bitcoin network process of re-decentralization! Bitmain and other smaller tycoons have been centralizing the mining power. It's a threat. Satoshi was such a genius. In his design, mining centralizers will be punished by loss of profitability. They'll be forced to get out of business, so that other small miners can mine again.

  11. I wish one day all these nay sayers get together and knock each other out. For the past 10 years btc died many times. And some how these idiots dont die

  12. Keynesians do not understand LONG time Preference. Hence they will never understand until maybe 2028-2030 when they realize they won’t go away! Until then appreciate the cheap bitcoin. ? and the ?….????

  13. When they say it's worthless it's time to buy for the next bull run.. as this will happen .. as always .. PS (nano , TRX, NEO, ONT, OMG, XRP is better then BTC already … & DBC is on it's way

  14. $3.8K per BTC is still very far from worthless! When it nears 50 Cents then maybe I will agree. BTC has been declared dead hundreds of times since 2009. Only way I know BTC won't go worthless IS because of it many functionalities and variables to take into consideration. It's designed for the intelligent, NOT JOE Q PUBLIC!

  15. What this Indian idiot doesn't realize is adoption of bitcoin s increasing rapidly with the lightning network and the hashrate has tripled since last year. What a fucking idiot. Bitcoin is far from dead. The price of bitcoin is also almost 400% up in the last two years despite the bear market.

  16. The MSM is fake news. All controlled by the same puppets. Who the hell listens to these people anymore? How many times can you be blatantly lied to, later find out, and later do it again? Wake up people. Turn this programming off. It’s killing you.

  17. Thanks guys for filling our heads with more FUD it's quite clear that you idiots really don't have a clue what blockchain is! Well that's 3 minutes and change I'll never get back SMH ?

  18. It's sad how the same discussions today about cryptocurrencies replicate the discussions about the world wide web in the early 90's. Humans are afraid of change and things they don't understand, so they decides to yell at it. Educate yourself about the potential implications the technology and the market may have in the future.

    New York Exchange, Fidelity and Nasdaq are entering the market. Why do you think that is? Embrace innovation, educate yourself and don't be an ignorant. Ignorance (and laziness) is one of the main factors why some people are rich and others aren't.

  19. the same story when its was at 300 and at 20.000 if you dont like its fine, but bitcoin its way better and much more practical than gold in store value terms and its here to stay !!

  20. It's hilarious the amount of ignorance in this subject from both. If anyone taking a class from this man just withdraw and buy a book called The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking. You will do your self a big favor.

  21. When the shoe-shine boy is telling you to buy, then you had better sell.
    And when a clown like this is on tv telling you it's worthless, then you had better buckle up, it's about to take off!

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