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  1. In the end Oliver says something like 'let's toast to what u have , however long u might have it,' to Barry… That makes me think oliver will not die but Barry will have to sacrifice something. Idk they could kill arrow to end the show. I think it would be a mistake. Also if Arrow continues without Oliver queen…. What's the point.

  2. First, is the Arrowverse going to turn into supernatural by making deals to save lives. Second, are they really going to permanently kill off Arrow halfway through the season?

  3. Only here to see the attempt of TV shows trying to mimic comics and to see the storyline …watched a handful of episodes of all the shows and must say if they are terrible..

  4. So, Barey Allen "Dies" and gets stuck in the Speed force for 20 years, I mean c'mon, it's been leading up to this. S1 of The Flash, in the Time Valut, we see the Future Newspaper, "The Flash is Gone"….. And we see it every season since then, then S5, we get Nora from that same Future Timeline, and she brings us her Newspaper of that year, "Flash Still Gone" 20 years or so later. If anybody read or at least caught with certain events in the comics, they know, I think what's about to happen is they are "Fast-Forwarding" the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and jumping straight into the "New 52"

  5. I agree with all you said, but wouldn’t the crisis crossover be halfway through the season. Unless it’s at the end I don’t see them killing him esp bc I don’t think the monitor would accept one life for two. I think that arrow doesn’t have many seasons left and it would be a cool way to end it. Definitely looking forward to everyone being on the same earth

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