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  1. Man I remember watching this before battle royale blew up I always knew this game was gonna be big I was so hyped for the game but now battle royale gets all the attention

  2. Honestly this had so much potential and could have been a decent pve game but there is a huge lack of story and wayyyyy too much to do and it’s ridiculously overwhelming. U could play for a week solid and still not be able to understand everything. The biggest issue however is it has seriously low replay ability. It’s upsetting Bc especially with it being right next to battle royal it could have gone somewhere. A lot of wasted time on the wrong things.

  3. You know what would have made this game better an open world area where you can farm resources and much less time on missions. 1 mission is way too long. So if they had this sandbox where you can farm items but challenges dont count that would be more fun and a tutorial about the menu because everything is so confusing in the beggining.

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