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  1. Awesome! So I don't have to find and load up that old P100 w/ 16MB ram ? Awesome who would have guessed , I was the one raging on twitter 2 years ago for this, and finally its happened, thank you for listening , but not thank you for not telling me fast enough …

  2. The rabbit puzzle made total sense, and is genius!

    Knocking out the bumps in the road was counter intuitive however, it made complete sense but the mechanics of pulling of hte task took me a while as you had to unhook the ramp then click it a bunch of time, but I can't remember exactly how… I was about 10 at the time

  3. I guess this 'remaster' speaks to the graphics obsessed generation and perhaps to the greed of the developers/publishers. Game industry is now firmly on the same path as Hollywood – being fresh out of ideas.

  4. This game was my favourite game for a very long time. I just finished remastered version and it didn't take more than two hours. I still remember all problems and solutions 😀

  5. imo as someone who only owns an xbone this gen atm, it is really REALLY awesome to see sony taking the interest in the great lucasarts classics! Will definitely be picking up this and grim fandango when I get a ps4 (i bought the latter on steam but tbh I prefer playing on console). I recently bought thimbleweed park too, great game! 🙂

  6. "Whenever I smell asphalt, I think of Maureen. That's the last sensation I had, before I blacked out: the thick smell of asphalt. And the first thing I saw when I woke up was her face. She said she'd fix my bike. Free. No strings attached. I should have known then that things are never that simple. Yeah, when I think of Maureen I think of two things: asphalt… and trouble." Ben. / Oh what a memories!

  7. I didn't expect to see a criticism for the bunnies on the minefield (which were kind of RNG). You just picked them all up and set them one by one, following each bunny's trail through the mines, which is the best way to solve that puzzle. ^_^

  8. Having loved and just completed Deponia and Book of unwritten tales, I don't think I can go and do a point n click like this where some of the puzzles are completely illogical. It's hard enough when they're logical sometimes.

  9. Played it 22 years ago. Game was very short for a Lucasarts adventure game. I beat it in one weekend, whereas games like Monkey Island took a lot longer. If you compare the clear times of FT with other LA games with full solutions known, I'm pretty sure FT is about half as long as other LA games.

    Monkey Island 2, Sam n Max, and DOTT are all a clear cut above this game.

  10. The reviewer probably wasn't yet born when this game came out, hence those stupid "remarks". The game is a classic and the remaster is very well done. Go see the documentary about it. Happy asphalt smelling.

  11. Where are they getting 6 hours from? Maybe if you aren't very smart. There's one really obtuse puzzle that is mentioned (that some people who never even played the game have heard about),and maybe you could have trouble with getting the items from the bikers to progress…but Im 1 hour and 5 minutes in, and it's saying 50% completion. I even glanced at a guide to be sure that's what the stat meant. The guide was one page. With a guide I'm saying 2 or 3 hours max, without, you'd have to be mental to hit 5 or 6. There's not even much to interact with to throw you off. I'm slightly disappointed honestly. Not with the characters or world, anything like that, just the length and simplicity. I've always regretted not playing the old PC games when they were new. My system couldn't run them and we didn't have much money. So I've made it a point to be every single one available on console. I've loved them all. Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, hell I even got things like Broken Age and Broken Sword V and they were good. This is just a slight let down.

  12. Glad to see that more people will finally be able to play this gem of a game!
    Hopefully Outlaws or even Brütal Legend will be next to get remastered in the future!

  13. Not a great review. First, they completely spoil a couple puzzles- one of which they point out suffers from "video game logic". They make it sound that half the game is chocked full of nonsense puzzles. I agree that the mini-game biker combat is still clunky, but I am not sure how they arrived at their score. I suppose it is hard to review a "remastered" game, but I still feel as if the review was a bit unfocused and score kind of contradictory.

  14. I would love a remaster of old Sierra games like Police and Space Quest (but they should keep the gameplay of each game like having to write your actions), Phantasmagoria, Quest for Glory, King's Quest, Gabriel Knight… It would be awesome.

  15. For the technical issues, I imagine Double Fine will work on combing out some of those. They're pretty good about patching their games soon after their release. I recall they did some patches for the Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle remasters.

  16. Great, another IGN reviewer with a lisp. Guys, I appreciate your work, but please get someone to narrate your videos. What do you think made GameTrailers so popular? Still today those guys are better than you. Just saying.

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