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  1. To think that Netflix keeps Jessica Jones around and got rid of Daredevil just does not make any sense to me and it just shows the world is a cruel place. I just hope and pray Punisher doesn't leave us. He is by far the coolest character

  2. It's already obvious that Netflix is going to cancel The Punisher after season 2 and I will shoot up there headquarters……if i ever had a gun.

  3. i have to say that if we know a show is going to be cancelled its hard to invest time into an up and coming season. Its not that it might be canceled the fact is it will be canceled because it would make no sense to cancel daredevil which is a brilliant show and not cancel punisher

  4. If there WAS a Marvel series Netflix would keep I think it would be the Punisher (at least for a few more years) bc it is sooo dark and "off brand" for Disney. But they will probably cancel it a week after it drops.

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