The Bottom of Bitcoin Is In? BTC Technical Analysis

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A lot of people are calling the bottom of Bitcoin in! Is it? Mark will take us through the charts. Analyze them to give where he thinks the short term price is going and show how to recognize where the bottom most likely is.

Mark is an active trader on the ACB team and a technical analyst. He is not a professional financial advisor. You should do your own research before investing and should never invest more than you can afford to lose.
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  1. Everyone in bitcoin can go fuck them self!!! Lmfao. Your all bunch of morons waisting your time with a fake currency
    That no government will ever ever touch or allow. Only bitcoin is good for is buying online drugs till it becomes completely worthless. Witch is soon to come.

  2. this is no bottom, we are falling now to 3100 /2900 price zone,our break out try have already we go up? absolutly not!!!      i am pretty sure from my t.a we are going to hit 1200+-  and 2019 will be a  bearish  year again.

  3. Populous PPT, FoodCoin FOOD and THETA token are the best crypto projects so far!!! *FoodCoin*: Very Good. Slow (Biggest gains to come between 1 to 4 years). I can see this will be great. They are really seriously trying to do this. It’s just a matter of time and all challenges that go with it. They are going to do it and this makes me happy because there are also humanitarian/relief benefits too. *Theta*: Very Good, Slow and steady for next 5 years. Over $1,000 in 4 Years. Over 4,000% increase in medium term (4 to 12 months) from when I announced it at 13 cents. So yes I believe that it will be over $5.00 in next 12 months (which is 4,000%). Theta isn’t something that’s going to be this super quick big pay right now. Theta is like the turtle…slowly but surely, it inches its way up. Theta is the one that I see further down the road that just blows up, and people didn’t see it coming. People that have it now or get it and hold on are going to be amazed. The people who just sit on it and wait are sitting on a goldmine. And it’s my favorite for the people because even those who do not have large disposable incomes or large sums of money to invest can still obtain a large enough amount to change their lives! BUY MORE AND HODL!

  4. Idiots predict bottoms. It HAS NOWHERE NEAR bottomed. Look at the 50, 100 and 200 DAILY SMA. Try a Haiken Ashi on a daily. Its sinking. Lower lows, lower highs, do you need reading glasses? I wouldn't buy it for 5 dollars.

  5. I believe the bottom can be determined by the epic volume we will see on the capitulation candle downwards… It will need to be comparable with the volume we saw at previous major trend reversal points

  6. Does anyone think this is due to the FED bumping up interest rates? Because they said first they were lowering, and the market went up a tad. Now they said, we're raising, and now its down. Just something to consider.

  7. U guys are tripping saying where is the bottom where is the bottom based on charts? You seem to be ignoring Craig Wright and friends said BTC is dead and has no problem taking BTC to 1k obviously his words r not bullshit.

  8. Thanks Mark, I think December will be heading down slowly until the new year maybe we will notice some change, don't think the stock market affecting the cryptos market? I have another question but its not related to TA is that why the institutional and big money keeps collecting BTC while there is another excellent projects faster, cheaper, more efficient than BTC they can use it, why don't they change to better one and neglect the father crypto, thanks.

  9. Good analysis but this constant looking for the bottom is self-defeating and tiring. On the weekly 2200 doesn't seem out of the question. Plus we could hit "bottom" and stay there for a long time. When we see higher highs and higher lows that form an uptrend we can start looking for longs. Could be tomorrow, could be next year. Can we predict it? No.

  10. omg …. 10min bla-bla-bla …. why you say not only, that ALL can be happening …. this is done for 10sec bla-bla-bla … and the result is the same, mr. bla-bla

  11. I don't understand how anyone is using TA right now at all except for swing trading. You have people blaming BCH for these drops wich is nuts. There have been more than a couple of hard forks that raised eyebrows, but they all mean squat at the end of the day.
    We do however have governments setting out rules, fining people, possible jail time for some as well as shutting down companies…that is what is causing these big drops and to say otherwise is ignorance. No TA out there can predict the bottom of this downtrend since no computer can as of yet figure out the human mind let alone a mob mentality.
    We will most likely see the biggest and hardest crash to date. If the true bottom is Zero then that is how deep we can go, i don't think that is likely but it is truth.

  12. Bitcoin will disappear. They are saying since 2015 that the lightning network will be widely adopted, never happened. Same with Rootstock RSK protocol, its not possible to build smart contracts on the bitcoin blockchain. So currently its only a (very volatile) store of value and an escape for countries with a currency crisis. It is not the key for replacing fiat!

    Main disadvantages:
    – mining takes same electricity of country of australia
    – bitcoin has no instrinsic value like gold (teeth, electronics, jewelry)
    – an infinite amount of cryptocurrencies with the same properties (but faster, cheaper) can be created. There will never be another element of gold. So that it will ever replace gold is a lie!

    Some other crypto projects might have a chance to survive in the long term. After bitcoin slowly died and dragged down most of the projects on 70-99% losses from ATH

  13. Bears are like the bulls back in 2017. We wanted 50k in december because of the hype. Now the bears are saying 800 usd 1.2k usd. They want it to go low because they want to buy more and more at those low levels. that is never going to happen guys, i went all in @3260 7 btc

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