Can This Line Save Bitcoin Like It Did In 2015? | XRP & Ethereum Technical Analysis

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I’ll do some
altcoin techncial analysis on XRP and Ethereum (ETH). Also, I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

CNBC 2013, BTC At $100 video:


0:58 Bitcoin Techical Analysis
4:54 BTC Weekly, Monthly
9:00 XRP Technical Analysis
12:16 Ethereum Analysis
17:54 BTC $200 & $100
18:59 SEC Jay Clayton

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  1. Remember people , the moment everyone is calling bitcoin dead and are shouting unbelieveble numbers like 100k or now 1k and below , things will turn around soon , so its almost time to go all in and wait 1 year

  2. this guy had a lot of bullish calls on 2018 (and a lot of the followers probably liked hearing that we will "moon" soon,over and over again…from "themoon").
    We had a moon, but to the downside…
    Don t understand why youtube keeps pushing videos from channels that i have blocked.

  3. @themoon don’t you think it is risky to trade in bitmex if you in the USA because they can liquify your whole account, so how can I trade on bitmex more safely to secure my assets??

  4. I sold BTC at 220 in 2015, after buying in bear. This market is now a dream by comparison. Tech fundamentals through the roof, infrastructure coming.. dream setup..

  5. 3600 is a PAPER RESISTANCE, meaning it is there to BE BROKEN by Bitcoin in its way up.
    This upward correction will be the last chance for the HODLers to act accordingly before Bitcoin goes to a 3 digit price.

  6. Just a stupid question – but HOW can u read from a comparision chart /BTC/XRP supportzones/resistancezones? I mean – isn´t that like compare citrus and apples?

  7. We will not hear from the sec till February and it’s being described as an uphill battle. $800-$1500 is where BTC will settle. Don’t bother dollar cost averaging in till we hit 2k

  8. Hey Carl – your channel has become my most favorite channel – thanks for your hard work and enthusiasm for bitcoin and blockchain. I remember couple month ago you mentioned that there is no need for so many platforms in the next bullrun. I have been a big platform fan and dapp developer myself and studied all of them deeply when selecting a platform for for our company. Therefore I wanted to bring your attention to Tron – in spite of its widespread narrative as a shill coin with copied whitepaper… Next bullrun will lift projects with best products and Tron at this moment beats other platforms in the main aspects. It is fast and scalable, well decentralized, inexpensive and easy to use for dapp devs and has a huge community and business oriented management. It has offices both in Peking and San Francisco giving it a chance to attract more investors in the future. It has the 3rd highest number of daily transactions and 2nd highest number of dapp users. Current status of its competition : Eth/slow, Eos/expensive to develop, Neo/centralized, Ada – not finished. I am not saying that they cannot not catch up in the future but comparing current status of development Tron is ahead. Something to consider when scaling into positions of discounted projects…

  9. satoshi tajiri created pokemon satoshi nakamoto created BTC MT.GOX = magic the gathering same card company that makes pokemon cards pogo came out when BTC hit 2 k in 2016 release of game was "rushed" gym bots destroyed lv 10 gyms trading bots destroy btc price gym bots build new lv 10 gym trading bots pump price of btc just wait for these bots to trade btc down to lv 1 gym and for it to turn grey. YOu will have to snipe the empty gym from the bots before they bubble strat to lv 10 in 5 mins.

  10. Thank you for explaining the continuation pattern. I am new to trading and can’t afford to spend money to learn right now so I really appreciate your videos since I learn something new pretty frequently. It would be great if you started throwing more definitions and examples of patterns into your videos. Maybe one per day or week? Thanks Carl!

  11. This 45degree log line was not gonna hold because the adoption s curve is bent with the steepest growth in the beginning with a more gradual support from 2.5—3k.

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