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  1. I think halo infinite going to be the best ever halo for some reason. I mean this engine it's using sounds hard and the details dropped sound promising

  2. All Microsoft does is they release sequels to their go-to exclusives (forza, gears, halo) instead of making new games like PlayStation's horizon zero dawn and Detroit become human

  3. Microsoft is acquiring studios for the next generation however there is a pretty huge problem. They seem to be going for Quantity above everything else which is a huge concern. They also seem to be sticking with releasing those "exclusives" on PC which will hurt them again and by again I mean the sales for the console. If I'm going to be honest I don't see the studios they're acquiring completing against Sony's first party studios which are pure quality.

  4. Let be honest here PlayStation first party studios still going probably destroys Xbox first party studios even with the new studios Xbox acquire none of them still ain't on the level of sony studios like naughty dog,Sony Santa Monica, Sucker Punch, and so on .

  5. Sony may have Guilty Gears and Street Fighter, Blaze Blue, but dammit we got Killer Instinct. Which is almost as badass as Mortal Combat. Almost.

  6. Xbox needs more triple A, action games to comepete with Sony if they can make some exclusive star wars games maybe an exclusive superhero games avengers or x-men

  7. Who else is excited for Gears 5 and Halo Infinite? Also I can’t wait for The Initiatives game and Ninja Theory’s new game. Both I believe will have great story telling and experiences

  8. Im.happy the criticisms made xbox do the right the right thing. Focus on making quality exclusives. However. I hope people would start shitting them too in putting microtransactions in their games. Halo 5 had it. Gears 4 had it. Forza motorsports had it and some of their other games. Something both sony and nintendo rarely do in their exclusives nowadays.

  9. Super excited for Halo Infinite (IMO) 343i has done a great job with the Halo franchise can't wait to see where they led us in the future.

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