If You’re In Bitcoin For This Reason You May As Well Leave

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In this video we discuss one of the biggest mistakes I see those in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space make. A mistake so bad that it disenfranchises new traders while costing them thousands of dollars. Please. Stop.

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*I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. I strongly encourage all to do their own research before doing anything with their money. All investments/trades/buys/sells etc. should be made at your own risk with your own capital.*

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  1. Next Crypto bull run will start sometime around the 2020 bitcoin halving and peak in 2021. 2019 will be another bear market year and I wouldn't be surprised at all if Bitcoin falls even further and goes below $2000

  2. Jebb! You're not that much better at TA than me, and I just guess. You stood TA still work unless whales intervene. Well this market is run by whales. TA is useless.

  3. People don’t realize that trading isn’t something that comes natural. You have to spend years practicing, and you are guaranteed to lose money your first year of trading. If you can make it through a year, and you learn from your mistakes, you can become a successful trader. It doesn’t take a genius, it takes someone who is humble and has perseverance.

  4. One of my mentors who bought BTC at $1 taught me to learn how to firstly shut the noise out ! Everything around you literally everything is going to distract you from your objectives by playing on your emotions. you need to be ice cold that takes training, and you need to be brutally honest with yourself and always assess your capabilities it helps if you have a bigger view of life. The brutal honest truth is the people who have had a more pragmatic look on life and understand risk will win. Actually investing an asset class like btc or cryptos only exposes peoples superficiality and others deepness ! Losing money learning is a sure fire way to wet your feet , every investor loses even the greatest but the difference is how you manage that loss rather than rage trading and losing everything on emotions ! Be a Sniper wait for those targets patiently and take your shot , a machine gun approach is suicide !

  5. Hey Jebb, new follower here. I agree that you can certainly lose alot of money in this market, especially with leveraged trading like bitmex. However, after a year of losing (I finally got in dec of last year after purposely ignoring bitcoin for over a year) I am finally starting to see some gains. Well, atleast I am not losing anymore and have been slowly regaining what I did lose. Keep up the good work. Honestly I am a little jealous of the people just getting in now, since in my opinion, if you just hold 6 to 18 months from now, you'll probably see a massive profit. If you do run a discount on the course, I'll pick up a copy! Have a nice trip.

  6. There's a guy on Twitter called Chris Kimble who uploads different charts with analysis. He covers stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate and Bitcoin. His latest upload of Bitcoin shows a 5 year trend whereby it looks highly likely that it will touch the 5 year bottom trend line. The actual figure he's suggesting is $2,400 as a basis for support. This target kind of agrees with your price targets for Bitcoin.

  7. The fact that you say TA is bullish right now proves you are an idiot. You speak fast and repeat words like "Bitcoin" and "technical analysis". The biggest mistake people are making is listening to you. You are an ANALyst, not an analyst.

  8. Investing is a marathon not a sprint. I've made mistakes over the last year and blame myself. Keep up the good work Jebb. I don't always agree with you but I do respect you. I'm in my mid 40's so I have time to see how this market plays out.

  9. WTF are you talking about brother jebb? You followed your best video with your worst…

    I’ll be honest, when I watch your videos, it’s apparent that you don’t have much experience and you lack much conclusive outputs. Crypto crew Steve on the other hand has decisive conclusions and why/how he got to his analysis.

    This rant video now turned me off as your message contradicts the point of your YouTube videos.

  10. I been following the TA, sitting on the sidelines. I'm now convinced it works following you and others. I'm going to spend the next year learning how to do TA.

  11. ??? He went in lol yeah man I was a moonboy that didn't know anything and threw all my money in at the top. I've been learning TA all the way down so it doesn't happen to me, My children or my grandchildren lol

  12. I lost a lot of money because of you over hyping. Can you tell me where you are going for the trip? I just want to talk…?…….haha just kidding!

  13. I started in June and lost a high 4-digit number. Only a few weeks ago I really started seeing trends by myself before they form and (way more carefully) making more money back than I loose, so I fully appreciate your warning to everybody. I do this only part time, for fun – and even then I'm fed up looking at charts every now and then. So I understand your need for a break. Have a great roadtrip and vacation! Peace!

  14. In the Netherlands in 2019 the dutch Goverment have announced they will introduce strickter rules for trading and buying virual coins and are planning to controll the traders. They will do this to prevent the use of virtual coins for criminal and terrorist activity and anonymous trading (taxes) Looks like the Wild West is ending and more countries will try to get a strickter grip on anonymous and free trading. Not very positiv i think.

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