Bitcoin – Last Chance to Save Humanity?

With the increasingly Orwellian measures taken by Government and big tech companies over our digital lives, privacy and individual financial sovereignty risks being eradicated entirely.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies might be our last chance to salvage some of these freedoms before they’re stripped from us forever.

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About the Author: Louis Thomas


  1. My opinion is XRP will be the digital gold not Bitcoin. Are Bitcoin representatives in talks with the IMF and world governments/central banks??

  2. Very Bold but very much needed…thoughtful video…. Innovation is a natural phenomenon, it can be delayed but if carry powerful ethos will definitely bounce back. "The Das Capital" have more admirer today then way before.

  3. Good to see you're awake Louis. We are at a junction now were the PEOPLE need to regain control again. These select few do not and can not speak for millions of people. We need a new decentralized platform were people can express their feelings and let the masses judge them, just like it has always been. I hope enough people wake up before it's too late. Watch the Ronald bernard videos on youtube, he thinks crypto's were created by the NWO to facilitate their one world currency…..but he says the good guys now control them good…….i am not so sure.

  4. I agree with you we about a 20% chance we will have a free blockchain and we are about to become trapped in a grid. I have a way to fix this. I do an video

  5. Too many people in crypto fail to accept the reality that most humans are not smart enough/want to be smart enough to understand this technology. They like centralization and avoid thinking. This is most humans – they enjoy being led by a system like sheep. Just the idea of them having to be accountable for their own money freaks them out. We are decades away from crypto currency being adopted as the new norm – which will really pick up pace with mass adoption (artificial intelligence) that will need to get paid, and pay for their work. This is 20+ years away still before things really start taking off. In the mean time hype beasts create massive boom and bust cycles in crypto for their own greed.

  6. You been watching The Dollar Vigilante ? GOOD !!!! … Check out Larken Rose, Keith Knight, High Impact Vlogs, Corbett Report and Tom Woods ! welcome to the rabbit hole 🙂

  7. Sorry, but greed destroyed the prospects of having a truly decentralized system on a global scale. Change should come slowly and gradually sticking to some basic principles. Now that the project has failed, the competitors will learn from the mistakes.

  8. Excellent video and points which the ‘legacy corporate media’ won’t mention!

    Interesting to see Litecoin moved above BCH/BSV for now! Will continue to dollar cost into Bitcoin (and LTC) with caution!

  9. Personally thinkk your clueless and just becoming a generational bag holder, real crypto experts exited bitcoin a year ago, and im not being results oriented here I have expressed this opinion towards you and other youtube muppets thhhe entire way down. Enjoy the bags Gold will destroy you

  10. Hi, good subject. I doubt if it's the last and only chance of humanity.
    But this utterly failing monetary system is going to collapse, and we need alternatives.
    Also, these giant tech monopoly mologs have to go too. This is insane.
    About the cashless. In countries like Denmark and Sweden, there is such thrust in the government, that they embrace it. In countries like Italy, they keep lots of cash because they know the government cannot be thrusted.

    Let's pray that people will wake up and embrace bitcoin.

  11. The more they try to squeeze out crypto the more people will jump ship from their systems. I don't mind gov. cracking down on crypto. It pushes adoption. I kind of wish more gov. around the world would overreact. They are the architects of their own demise. Bitcoin doesn't just replace money, it replaces gov. policy with consensus mechanisms. Ultimate form of governance since it allows dissenters to try out their governance mechanisms and see how they survive. Forking isn't a bad thing. Open source is saving the world in the truest sense right now and it's happening under everyone's nose. The future is bright and it's not calculated in national GDP or national currency wealth. It's going to be calculated in freedom of movement expression and transaction. You can't stop technology.

  12. well dramatic made me click, i agree if bitcoin collapses and disappear then we will have to accept googlecoin or applecoin or governmentbitcoin, it would give organisations who are proving not to be honest and equal total control over our finances total control to enforce their ideologies quite a bit more.

  13. Hi Louis. I really like your videos and specially when it touches on more sensitive topics like this one. I researched quite a bit about Bitcoin/crypto and their potential dark side and here is what I came across. I will link 2 videos that will go more in details about what possible goals Bitcoin/cryptos really have ( (
    It makes sense to me as it matches all the other info I have about where societies head to in terms of control.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm investing in crypto myself and believe in the potential of both becoming financially independent thanks to cryptos but also of crypto to change the world for the best. But I know it has the potential to be used for the worst and I think that's why we see Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Venrock, and so many others get into it. Not for the same philosophical reasons as we do, that's for sure.
    Though I see that, I think there's no stopping the crypto market and its explosion in the coming years so I choose to invest in it anyway so that, if nothing else, I can at least use the money I make out of it for, I think, better purposes than those big companies. But to be honest, I kind of think that we are here feeding the beast. I would love to talk more about it with you if you're in.

  14. Prettymuch same. I mostly think about freedom of speech, but it's analogous to all the early USA Constitution amendments: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Amendments; we've even seen violations in the (attempted) runup toward globalization to violate those, and they have been bullying us to not win against them in those. We've seen continual incremental degradation of those amendments and globalists decry every step we take to take them back. Forefront of the evil criminals attacking our Constitution have been Silicon Valley big tech companies, promoting anti-Constitution incrementalism. I think Bitcoin and peer to peer networks can remedy that if we get enough of it in place.

  15. Hi Louis
    You should take a look at Elastos.(Im an investor but im not shilling)
    They are a project with great future (at least another 2 years in funds which would see the project completed).

    Its merge mined with Bitcoin but can potentially merge with any proof of work coin ,so if you think about it Elastis could be the most secure decentralised project out there.
    Its also running proof of stake in January along side proof of work.

    It presently has around 400,000 nodes running around the world ,mainly due to the sale of 650,000 TV box's with Elastos running in the back ground.

    They have a community driven eco system called the Cyber Republic which anyone can join and be paid for doing various jobs, from programming to design ect.The Cyber Republic were granted 16 million ela to fund this and help fund dapps.

    The community is one of the best I know ,the telegram group is by far the least toxic I've been on probably due to the fantastic Mods,and also due to the fact the price talk isn't allowed.If you have questions about the project join the telegram group and fire away,someone will gladly help you if they can.Believe me I've asked some idiotic questions.

    You then have Crcles which will be Ambassadors for each department with a different skill set ,Like programmers, marketers,accountants ect.These will be voted by every Elastos coin holder (ela).

    Elastos is not just a Blockchain project ,far from it .It's a new smart web of which will have a secure environment with a totally P2P network.You will also own your own data.

    On Elastos each person ,game ,music,ebook ect will be given a unique I'd which cannot be copied.So if a music artist released 100 albums and sold them on the Elastos ,they cannot be copied as each will come as a coded dapp(obviously you can copy it manually,like putting a recorder up to a speaker).This will give each album a sell on value and scarcity, the seller and buyer will be confirmed by the Blockchain.But it doesn't end there ,the artist can write a royalty programme into it so he can recieved a percentage of the sell on prices effectively forever.

    The Elastos dapp can run on most platforms , Android ,Apple,windows,Linux ect.

    The scaling issues are not a problem with Elastos as there are an infinite supply of sidechains in which a dapp can use.And also the beauty of this project is that other Blockchain dapps can use Elastos as well ,So if a Neo or Ethereum dapp (just these projects so far but I'm sure they can add more in the future) wants to use Elastos for either the added security or infinite sidechains for scaling they just link up to a friend chain.

    There are only around 34m coins at present which is very low in my opinion but there is an inflation of 4% per year,this goes towards the miners/proof of stake and the Cyber Republic.

    The partnerships in the pipeline are a big plus ,you have Viewchain which is part of Zapya,Zapya has over 500m users and when Viewchain is built they will slowing switch users to this network .1m I think to start with.
    Ioex is working with Elastos ,they plan to sell smart speakers to the West with Elastos running in the background.Of which will be secure.

    There are more partnerships of which I can't remember but Rong Chen (founder) has stated there will be more announced in Jan/Feb at a meetup.
    There are also countless dapps being built as we speak.

    This project is kind of under the radar because in my opinion Elastos does not believe in hype ,I believe that once the project is up and running and ready to use you will see a massive push for adoption.Of which I think will be q4 next year.

    There are plenty of other positives ive forgotten.

    This project gives the control back to the people to own thier own data,data is like the new oil to these greedy corporations and Elastos for one gives me hope for many generations .I for one hope and pray they succeed.

  16. Socialism works though, look at China, they fare pretty good with it! Sure, they turned a whole province into a giant concentration camp, but look at the skyscrapers in Shanghai!

  17. I like the way you think and put the things together about the World and the Governments. I share the almost the same opinion like you, but Alex Jones is a globalist puppet. I think most of us are in blockchain because we all see what's going on in the rest of the World.

  18. Hi Louis. Keep filming in the beautiful natural scenery. This is an excellent topic. In my view the ultimate goal must be a world that is more safe, stable and sustainable; and with a much better and more equitable distribution of wealth and value creation. If Bitcoin and other trust-less and censorship free internet money can deliver this is a question mark. The track record of completely free and unregulated markets is not particularly comforting. Even if the long standing structure of nation states is broken down (I believe this is likely to happen) and other societal structures emerge, there will be a need to execute and manage fiscal and monetary policy within those structures. This is to provide economic stability, prosperity, welfare and growth; even if it is relatively short-term sighted. Bitcoin might well become and important store of value (along with gold, etc.). If BTC will ever become the world's dominant medium of exchange is more doubtful – imho.

  19. Aloha Louis great video not dramatic at all. Perfect timing actually you really got me thinking what if blockchain does not see the light of day. Maybe because humanity just remains ignorant just because we get it doesn't necessarily mean your neighbor will. Maybe the banks and large institutions spread enough Fud and shape the majorities perception and people are not able to see the underlying value thus killing any idea that blockchain could be this innovative ground breaking technology and just fades away never being able to reach its full potential. Only time will tell if humanity will be freed using blockchain or enslaved with blockchain aka government created centralized blockchain. Thank you

  20. This has to happen Louis the Bible says so. I am sorry, but a global socialist state is on the cards. No one would be able to transact without a implantable wallet.

  21. Louis, I'd say this is your most important video. The big picture is so important. We really need everything decentralised, with our Government purely there to be our elected body of people to ensure no one causes harm or loss (which is the only law really).

  22. I'm with you 100% Louis, I truly believe Bitcoin and decentralized blockchain will give liberty to the people. It's far more to me than a financial alternative. I see decentralized blockchain governing the people. I don't know when, but I hope it's sooner than later if people truly want to be free from corruption. Cheers Brother.

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