Is Bitcoin Due For a MAJOR Correction?!? Buyers Beware: The TRUTH About Nasdaq Futures

Is this a dead cat bounce for #Bitcoin?!? New “Token Taxonomy Act” says SEC regulation not suitable for crypto, why Nasdaq futures could actually HARM the price of $BTC, ConsenSYS downsizes, Upbit drama, Brazilian supermarkets accepts crypto, news, and more!

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0:01 OverKillCoin
0:25 Markets ?
2:08 Galaxy Digital:
3:05 Any steam left in the Santa Rally?
4:52 NASDAQ BTC Futures: Don’t get your hopes up:
8:47 ConsenSYS layoff:
9:18 The bulls are back!:
10:59 Maybe Jay Clayton ins’ crypto friendly?
13:06 SEC regulation not suitable for crypto:
15:45 Token Taxonomy Act:
17:30 Facebook developing it’s own stabelcoin:
18:48 Upbit drama:
20:22 Wash Trading:
20:53 Coinbase expanding:
21:10 NEO Devcon 2:
22:30 Cocos-BCX (Cocos) launches testnet:
22:53 Tax law is a pr stunt?
24:15 Brazilian supermarkt accepts crypto:
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Is NOW a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin?!? What to REALISTICALLY Expect from Institutional Investors…

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  1. I'm not into crypto, but I am curious about the mass following. What stops a major company using their own form of blockchain? Bitcoin's initial rally was due to price manipulation, what intrinsic value does bitcoin have that will cause it to rally again? Alt coins are no different than penny stocks, which is what larger investor's or "gurus" use to sucker inexperienced traders into buying then dumping it.

    I'm all for new technology, but it feels like the vast majority of the crypto followers have no idea what they're talking about

  2. Thinking the trend is bull is foolish i will lol next month at this. When we sit below 75 billion market cap.btc is heading to 2400 – 2700 range so what a bounce it done it all along this bear market. 9 to 6 back to 8 down to 6 then 7 back to 6 down to 3 back to four (Now) then down to 2800 bounce to 3400 then down to the bottom 2400 ( low ) and ride around 2500 for a few months.

  3. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  4. Has anyone else who banks with ukvirgin money had issues buying cryptos from coinbase? They are suggesting that there are security issues with coinbase and they are actually protecting my account. Are the banks getting the jitters because of cryptos ?. It feels like they are imposing capital controls to me

  5. 2018 has really been a tumultuous year for Bitcoin, beginning the year on a high note and ending it with a disastrous tumble that’s sent many into a panic. Despite the fact that Bitcoin’s valuation has plunged, some proponents continue to argue that the historical volatility of bitcoin all but necessitates it will inevitably rise again. In the meantime, it is highly probable its just a bubble that won’t be seen again. The recent plunge in Bitcoin’s value hit the market hard, bankrupting many cryptocurrency holders and convincing others with cold feet to get out while the going was still good but not many know this is actually a good time to make great profit from bitcoin trading by expertly reading the news, using TAs and a bunch of other aids. Caution must be taken though if you ain't experienced enough so you don't lose your funds. The smart thing to do now and my suggestion is to trade because the future of crypto is unknown as against what many speculators tell you and also because the market forces currently favours trading and with this strategy, you can easily expand your portfolio. I would again love to emphasise that you have to be careful in doing this. My suggestion to traders irrespective of your level of experience would be to seek guidance from Pharm Brocck Burkitt. He is someone well known in the crypto community and i and my colleagues have worked with his system with very good results to show for. His understanding of the markets is outstanding and that helps him generate very accurate signals which i still use today and with which i have made over $22,000 already in profit. You may ask why will such a successful trader want to help others get profitable too but i also asked myself that when he was first introduced to me and then i realised, he is just passionate in raising others while growing his portfolio as well. You can reach him by mail (brocckburkitt@gmailcom) for any assistance regarding cryptocurrency

  6. It may not be a Crypto Zombie T-Shirt, but if the quality is great, then why not?? K-Dub you're too hard on yourself… if we're still here, then we want to see whatever it is you're talking about- if we're still here then we're still interested. With that being said, you say "with that being said" over and over.. more than any other phrase… So, with that being said… (lol..) I just had a question regarding your tag line at the end.. what does it mean when you say " Until next time guys, "Stay Crypto… (audible pause..) and peace out.." what does "Stay Crypto" mean? Anyway what I love your channel and I truly thank you for the content and for the ability to be proud of and to take pride in something that I personally feel is one of the most Important game changers in financial history. Thank you for all that you do and all the hard work you put into your channel is truly a 3 place for crypto and services of all levels to visit learn and enjoy everything crypto.

  7. Are you aware that in the U.K the Criminal Government Tax us 45% on profits of Crypto over £150 k
    40% Tax from £46 k to £150 k
    There are Three Countries where Crypto profit is all yours to Keep , yes that is Correct , they are TAX FREE
    Germany , Belarus and Slovenia .
    I am not the smartest person but i think that is a no brainer if you have over a Million worth of Crypto ????????
    In Germany as long as you have held that Crypto for one year it's tax free or you can withdraw up to 600 euro regardless how long you held it , so you could take out 600 euro every day.
    Which totals 219,000 euros a year Tax Free
    That is what you call a TRADERS PARADISE !!!!!!
    Not only that but you can drive a BMW M3 as fast as you want Legally on their Motorways , it's a win , win Situation me thinks

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