BECOME ANNE FRANK IN VIRTUAL REALITY | Anne Frank House Tour VR Experience (Oculus Rift Gameplay)

Today we are going to check out Anne Frank House VR, an experience that offers a unique and emotional insight into the world-famous Secret annex. You will …


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  1. The reason there was so many starving people is becouse the allies cut off supply lines u ever ask yourself why theres so many survivors hmmmmm

  2. Funny how IT came out in court that IT was all a lie and IT was written in Ball Point ink pin that wasnt even invinted till after the war her fake book just another lie in the holohoax

  3. Very interesting video, but SLOW DOWN. The movement of the camera is way too rapid, doesn't give the viewer time to focus and concentrate on what they are seeing. SLOW DOWN!

  4. Great video. Great job. We must never forget what Anne and all the rest went through. If we don't learn from history then then atrocities will happen again. Hope you do more VR videos.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been to the house a few times, I live in Amsterdam, but this experience was quite different, much more personal. Maybe the furniture adds to it? Sometimes I wish they would reconstruct the furniture in the annex, like once back in the 90’s, but I also know that Otto Frank wanted the rooms left empty as a reminder of the removed furniture after a Jewish round up and the feeling of emptiness of the Jews who would never return.

  6. Good afternoon nathie great video on the Anne Frank House VR experience. I did not even realize that was in your home country of the Netherlands. I agree with you the education would be far more exciting if there were many more educational experiences like this because, walking through the house with her speaking gives more credence to the experience and it makes the student realize impact more than a textbook can. Please show more of these experiences as they come out on your channel.

  7. Maybe the "Banks" shouldn't have been charging 100% plus interest wiping out Germany's economy in the first place and this shit wouldn't have happened at all. lol

  8. Anne Frank‘s story was always really interesting but also sad to me. How could anybody just hunt and kill people just because they believe in something different?!?

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