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  1. Everyone got upset when they announced tracer was a lesbian also. And at that time it was stated that she wasn’t the only one & the multiple characters in the game are LGBTQ. I don’t understand why everyone is so surprised.

  2. I don't care about Soldier 76's past, I care about Overwatch's present.
    Like, what happened to the Omnic AI programs that started the war?
    What is Talon's main goal? Why would they side with omnics?
    Where's Efi? Does Hanzo ever accept Genji? Will Widowmaker ever regain her emotions?
    Does Junkrat really have treasure? Will Zarya learn that her country is working with omnics behind closed doors?
    There's so much story to tell, but Blizzard is focused on everybody's past and not their futures.

  3. Why are people so mad about this? It doesn't contradict anything about him in the past, and it doesn't hurt the storytelling in the OW universe. I can understand that it when people say that it's not a huge thing, but I don't think it's worth ripping your own hair out.

  4. Am I gonna have a gameplay difference knowing this knowledge?is he gonna be super resistant to female characters? If not what the hell is the point of doing this?

  5. It's never organic always forced. Why do we need to know the sexuality of a fictional video game character anyway? So stupid. Isn't this supposed to be a kids game?

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