New Cybershoes – Walking In Virtual Reality – Should You Back Them On Indiegogo?

The Cybershoes allow you to walk in Virtual Reality. After their very successful Kickstarter campaign, you now have the chance to buy them on Indiegogo.


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  1. Hey Sebastian, It says Estimated Delivery July 2019
    , that seems like a very long time to wait, isn't it pretty much a finished product now?
    Love your Pimax videos, I even bought a 5k+ for myself a couple of months ago, still waiting for it to arrive 🙂

  2. This is a bullshit product. 100% bullshit. And I'm tired of VR companies taking advantage of VR gamers pockets. $500? The VR community has invested enough as it is. Were talking multiple Headsets, controllers, tracking, games and other accessories
    These cyber shoes should cost $50 $60 max. Even then it's still a piece of shit product. Like peddling to walk or skating. Plus you still have to be sitting. For $700 hell you can get a true omni tracker or close to it for that price and these are just a cheap mouse pad strapped to your feet! And these are 3/4th the price for a good racing sim! Fucking theives. And idk if you're a backer for this product or what but we need a channel that will call bullshit on VR products that are overpriced and in this case overrated as well. Not just "hey look at this new VR gadget" call them out on this shit!

  3. Well like every new thing it is overpriced . 100 would seem decent and if it sells good they or someone else will sell it for 100$ with that said I am new here got my WMR a couple of weeks ago and I get motion sickness in apps where you move and dont teleport .Tried to simply kind off walk in place and wave my hands in my house playing Arizona Sunshine and it really feels a lot better then standing still so I dont doubt that this shoes would work for that . One thing I would do is make the chair more like a monocycle tall chair that goes betwen your legs and can rotate that way you feel that you are almost standing up and walking having your feet almost straight . So Seb if you see this comment and can contact them give them this ideea for the chair I give it for free wont ask for $ if they use it hahaha .

  4. @Sebastian The tops of the Cybershoes look very smooth. Have you noticed your regular shoes sliding against them, or does the ratcheting strap hold your shoes solidly in place? Do the Cybershoes feel very solid or might they start to crack after using them for a few months? Finally, is the battery for the Cybershoes user-replaceable, or is it permanently sealed inside?

  5. $550 full price. Who would pay that. That makes the Vive Pro look cheap. They better figure out a way to make these for much, much less.

  6. I have a question ??
    about watching movies in VR has anybody viewed a movie in screen type 108 by 101 in the Samsung VR.

    I find it to be so immersive I'm just wondering if any movies are being made specially for that screen type

  7. No shoes individually? That's hardware for possibly 20-30 euros (selling price, production even below), because it would be interesting what the individual would cost.
    Maybe come soon "copies" for ~ 23 euros on Ebay, Amazon, etc. on. "€ 23", because of the import tax in the EU.
    Wireless mice are probably no less complex, and for about 10-12 euros to have. This is just the roller wheel (without optical technology with laser and camera as in the mouse), which sits on top of the wireless mouse.

    And if you can jump with it, a G-sensor is in it. The chips from smartphones (including compass) cost a few dollars.
    I stick with it, as expensive as a wireless mouse per shoe. Instead of the cost of the optical part, that of a G-sensor chip.

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