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  1. It's so refreshing Krown to hear you answering so many noob trader or should I say perma-bull HODLr question on things like whales using Bitfinex as a counter signal to retail traders to make them think the market is weak. How F'n absurd. People are looking for any reason not to believe we are in a bear market. Is it that they can't trade? Or they don't know how to short? I mean WTF is it with these people who just don't get it?

    There are some massive players who use Finex. I also know this for a fact.

    To break it down very very simply for people who don't get it. As long as shorts are so low compared to longs at these ranges THERE IS A TONNE OF PAIN TO COME. Will it be now? @ 4100? @5k? No one will know until the move is resolved. But if you know how to position and don't go blowing all your wad with an over-leveraged degenerate entry without a stop plan then you should be prepared for the next drive down (yes it will come, the market is showing all signs it will).

    Right now I just see the retail space on social media being so euphoric over a nothing move. Hell we could bounce to $5K and it would still be a nothing move.

    Very enlightening work by Woo into on-chain volume analysis and he is starting to take into account lightening and liquid (but in all honesty volume on there is non-existant) he is showing with a high degree of certainty the bottom IS NOT IN. Retailers and HODLrs just do not want to accept this or are in denial about it. Denial at this point of the bear market cycle from a psychological perspective tells me the bear market has a hell of a lot more time to continue down. Not enough pain has been inflicted. It's crazy to think these HODLrs can loose so much many over the last year and still be so stubborn. I guess that is the advantage of being so dumb about how traded markets work

    I completely agree with you Krown when you talk about capitulation as being something that is forced on you. I don't think a lot of people especially ones that don't trade understand this. The overall point of a bear market is to force these hands to capitulate by larger players. Right now I'm not seeing any of that. Thats why I am starting to re-evaluate this bear market running a lot longer than most people believe. It is the one factor that will force these dreamers to capitulate, MORE TIME GOING DOWN!

    Yep the market will shoot straight up with everyone in longs, no short fuel and virtually no retailers left to buy. Yep it's all going up via magic dust and unicorns. I remember the same clowns were calling $6K the bottom for nearly an entire year till $6K was totally sodomized. Now it seems $3K is the bottom being expressed by the same people. They never learn!

  2. I love how you don't try to sell your paid content, really shows your passion for helping others 🙂
    "You can get most of what you want from my free content" <3

  3. In November 2014 when Bitcoin made its higher high before dropping to ultimate lows, the second high was 8% higher than the previous high. If Bitcoin were to make a 8% higher move from its previous high (4100) it would be at 4500. Just a fun fact

  4. Your live streams are great Krown. I would say you're the Jim Cramer of crypto but you're much smarter and real. Where can i get your sound board?

  5. The Liquid Exchange is based in Japan, and used to be Quoine Exchange. The do offer leverage trading up to 25X for BTC, ETH, XRP…and I am in USA, so can use Fiat USD to trade with. When using USD for leverage trading of shorts and longs, there is no fee. Only bitch is that I can't deposit USD into the exchange, have to use BTC or or USDC, from Coinbase. I like the Liquid Exchange because Bitmex is illegal in USA, and would have to have a VPN….so Liquid the coin or token might be broke but Liquid the Exchange is live and we'll, their native coin is Quash, mush like BNB…just an informational comment

  6. @1:50:00 "JPMorgan wants your silver and $FUN, for when Zutar comes back from planet Zarco" ROFLMAO!!
    Thanx for your knowledge and teaching me more and more everyday man! I love your channel.
    Greetings from The Netherlands. I'll move to Spain to be your neighbour for sure – but only if i can yell too 😛
    Who knows, maybe we can prepare together for when Zutar comes back. ROFL
    Edit: All hail Zutar!

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