Billionaire, Tim Draper: $250,000 BITCOIN Price Target STAYS INTACT, Bear Market NORMAL!


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  1. If I go into a store and ask to pay with Bitcoin and they say yes, I still don't know/have any quick/easy way to do it. Anyone have easy ways to quickly transact w BTC? Id gladly spend my bitcoin (then I'd probably just go buy that amount of BTC when I got home) — Tim is 100% right though – the only way itll become adopted is if people are willing to use it!

  2. I just think it will be difficult to spend your BTC knowing it will rise in price exponentially..??? Great interview!!! ..thank you!!!

  3. I disagree. Cryptos are an amazing investment now. I mean I bought lite coin in the 20s a few months ago and its at 52. Its probably going back near there but the halving is coming soon and will double the price. August I think. It will be 1/4 bitcoins price at crypto adoption or better. Its much faster, cheaper, and secure. Bitcoin is a savings account, litecoin is what we will use along with several others to exchange. Fiat is toast going forward Imo. But I'm hedging my bets with fiat, pms, and cryptos. Btw silver is stupid, dumb, ridiculously cheap at 15-16 bucks. Get some. Not trading advise and I'm not financial advisor.

  4. He means Cardano talking about those poor countries who will adopt a blockchain decentr. paimentsystem. not bitcoin ? the future is bright for Cardano. a sleeping giant

  5. BITCOIN . . . is the Way to Go for Fairness and Neutrality.
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    >> OK. Thanks for the Video.
    Non-Denominational Bitcoin Peace for All . . . Even My American-Jewish Friends.
    And . . . May Our TRUE VALUE be Rewarded !

  6. The philosophical issues aside BTC holdlers are motivated by protection from inflation. The massive liquidity injections of the last decade is having its effects and wit will get worse as we move forward. One post cast host made the sarcastic remark that bitcoin would reach a million dollars when an entry level car costs $150K. Well that's pretty much the point.

  7. Draper did not sound very good or confident in this interview…also, here's where I think he is wrong. Who in their right mind would use their BTC to buy ANYTHING if the price of BTC is expected to go to $250,000? People are going to hodl BTC for a very long time.

  8. Great interview…there is not enough BTC around for everyone once FOMO hits these big funds, ETFs etc..the market will bottleneck rapidly as the circulating supply is less than smart accumulate if you haven’t already ?

  9. I am always on the lookout for solid Crypto info. This is such a huge learning experience. Thank you for this interview with Tim Draper. Knowledge is key and I really believe that the blockchain is going to change our lives.

  10. Wealth Research Group offers incredible free financial reports. I just downloaded the /RichBooks . Another important compilation! I just want to say thank you for the great work!

  11. Questions such as are we bullish or bearish, Is the bear market over or are we about to go bullish etc is seen everywhere expecially on analysis videos on YT but the truth is there are so many informers in the space today who would assume knowledge and mislead so many into bad trades and investment. Bitcoin is clearly still in bearish territories with no concrete sign for riding with the bulls nevertheless, you can still make a load of money by following the right steps. There is actually more to forcasting price action by reading the news and this is because the relationship between them is not one on one. Bearish news dont always result to decline in price while bullish news dont always leads to increase. What to do is study historical patterns, news and scenerios. Upon understanding these well enough, you may be able to predict a reoccurance of the circle if it ever shows up again. In addition to this, its extremely paramount you understand technical analysis which will help you determine the right pattern and execute better trades. One way to go about it is to use the signals and copy strategies of a very experienced trader. You have to make sure he has a proven track record of at least 95% success in his trades. I use a similar strategy by trading with Harry Schneider's signals and i have made a lot of money in doing so. His contact by mail is harryschneiderrr@gmail. com or WhatsApp +447427159640 and i think he is actually one of the best anyone would be lucky to have as a guide. I previously was a hodler but since i started day trading with Harry, I now easily have very good ROI from bitcoin.

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