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  1. Two fingerprint sensors for s10. Strange i saw one scanner and three cameras on the back plus why a pop up mechanism for front camera. Damn do some reserch before you post

  2. Just my opinion but… Pop up cameras on these phones has to be the worst idea ever. They're all too thin I'd worry about bumping a counter at work and it smashing. I just want a new durable phone that will hold a charge for a really long time for basic net browsing, information when I need it, and phone calls. I dont need anything cutting edge. They really look sleek and sexy I guess but if you're wrapping your phone in an otter box anyway what's the point? My current Motorola has been the most reliable, durable phone I've ever had. I just hope the new ones are just as tough.

  3. 2025 – phones with 128 ram
    5 TB storage
    16 GB graphics card
    Processor speed up to 6.00 ghz
    Basically a compact gaming laptop
    But for lesser price……?

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