Bitcoin Price Strength! Bottom in? Manipulation?

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  7. This not dump… Because the altcoin still playing like nothing happen to the btc price… As contrarian this are good time to get small fish.. Just wait and see ?

  8. I love the channel, but I think if your looking for patterns in TA and historically, I think it’s likely we shall always find patterns…

    Your can’t really say “it’s slightly higher… slightly lower.. diffeeent time scale” then it isn’t really the same.

    It can only go up n down… you will always find a pattern.

    Keep up the good work

  9. Still no capitulation volume I think. We are close though, but not sure about time. Could be soon, could take many months (which would be awesome for trading and accumulate).

  10. I appreciate your work man but please try not to say the word VIDEO AS WIDOW those are two different words, accents and meanings…. It's really confusing please.

  11. There’s nothing different about this drop and tiny bounce than those right before…

    I don’t agree with you on this. You can see after each drop, the price recovered a little bit. It’s exactly the same

  12. Of course its manipulated just like precious metals and until they can't keep the stock market and bond market propped up, which they won't be able to forever, they will keep it down so wall street can buy on the cheap.

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