Davincij15: "BITCOIN to $4,897!? ICON, Vechain, ETN – one will MOON!?"

Bitcoin BTC might go to the Golden Ratio of $4,897?! Also we will check out the top 3 most suggested Altcoins Icon $ICX, Vechain $VET and Electroneum $ETN.
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Bitcoin to $4,897?! What will happen to Icon, Vechain, ETN? Which one of them will Moon?
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— — TimeStamps — —
– Davincij15´s magic Fibonacci Tutorial: 3:57
– Bitcoin to $4,987?: 14:57
– Vechain $VET TA: 23:34
– Electroneum $ETN TA: 31:11
– Icon $ICX TA: 35:33
– Old lady licking chopsticks: 35:44 – 36:15
– Pandoras Wallet Update: 42:32

Today we will check out with Davincij15 where Bitcoin will with a good probability be heading to. ($4,897??)
Also we will have a look with Davincij15´sat the top 3 most suggested Altcoins Icon, Vechain and Electroneum ETN and discuss which one of them might be mooning soon?

– Join the MMCrypto Movement with our great community members! Come in and network with everyone and discuss Davincij15´s TA and if BTC might be heading to $4,897 and also which of the Altcoins Icon, Vechain, ETN will moon!!! Like and comment & let us know what you think about it!

Together we will also find the next GREAT ICO, STO and ALTCOIN! Therefore:


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  1. You guys are all over the place today 😀 'Are we going to start the BTC TA now?' (half way through the BTC TA).
    How do you use volume profile again? 😀

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  4. Thnx for the info. great show as always. yes please do a regularly scheduled time for ur show together …it would be appreciated!

  5. Two clowns right there! So Davinchhi, you're saying that Richard Ellis pumped his own coin? Maybe Jared Tate pumped DGB?! That just shows you're not qualified to have an opinion and that would be fundamental one, not TA, keep pumping them bags of yours!! 🙂

  6. New subscriber here, loved your video with DavinciJ15 who appears to be very fluid in his analysis seems very humble too. Looking forward to your new postings!

  7. xrp is my favorite Beam is a buy right now but do you think it would be a good idea to take sell xrp and buy bitcoin collect profits and buy back into XRP please let me know.

  8. This aint moon time, but ICON value will go x2 in one month 14000 sats is reasonable.
    BTC will go 6000$ around Oct-2019.
    This is natural pendulum rythm.

  9. we love your channel in Poland and both of you Mike Tyson and Arnold… I send you email with the question to Davincij15 which is very important for me. Check in spam folders as sometimes it goes there. Please continue the good work you both do. Namaste! 😉

  10. PUNDI X !!! Great Fundamentals…MA looking good…Looks to have bottomed and staying above the 50, 100, 200 EMA on the 4HR chart.

  11. This week end get ready for a dump, Bitcoin is set for 3500/3600 for next week rally, you are advised. The pump you have from 3800 to 3900 since the beginning of this week is a trap.

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