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  1. People say that everyone buys DOA because of the sexy girls but the gameplay is pretty fun as well! I love playing with my friends in local multiplayer.

  2. So let's get real here.
    Tekken 7 got 9.5 from IGN two years ago, although it doesn't welcome newcomers as much as Doa6. Everything about Tekken is a launcher and a "Juggle of Doom" as well. Unlike T7, Doa6 has a Versus CPU mode, which the least thing you can provide to a single player campaign. And I don't know what you're talking about, but online gameplay works fine for me. Better check your internet provider IGN.

  3. MK isn't MK without Fatalities
    SF isn't SF without Projectile attacks
    IJ isn't IJ without stage transitions and clashes
    DOA isn't DOA with jiggle physics

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