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  1. I tend to be cynical, but I wonder if a switch to “audio only” is to help IGN retain their on air talent. IGN seems to have high turnover for their on-camera staff and I wonder if this is a hedge to try to keep them around longer. If the staff are not as recognizable, perhaps they won’t flee as quickly. Just a thought.

  2. I’ll still be listening, but—thank you NVC for helping me along on my reintroduction to console gaming after a decade of PC gaming! And, rust in peace, Laptop.

    Meanwhile, Silver is my favorite of the Pokemon games I played as a kid, from Red to Ruby, so I was pretty thrilled to see all the Gen 2 Pokemon in the Direct. It leads me to believe that Sword & Shield are more or less Let’s Go Johto, to some extant. Plus, if both of the legendaries are pup pups—like the titles’ designs seems to imply, it would make sense to bring back Entei, Raikou & Suicune.

    Also, the Fortuna Part 2 and Nightwave update to WarFrame has been awesome. Again, after my PC dearly departed, I am so glad that Panic Button made my dream come true and put WarFrame in the palm of my hands.

    Now, if only Bandai Namco could manage to offer a US release of Super Robot Wars so I won’t have to import a South East Asian English edition! ??

  3. Is IGN in financial trouble? Going to audio only without a proper explanation is really worrisome. Every little Youtuber manages to produce videos. Put a static camera in a room and record. That is not that diificult and it works, no need to keep up the current production standard, but seeing faces matters for the brand and pictures of faces are not enough. Even if the metrics show that most people listen to the audio only version. The audio only version works, because at some point or another, everybody has seen the crew on video. If IGN cannot afford to store the files due to their size, IGN is done anyway. I was always wondering how IGN keeps up their production standard, 8,3 Million total views for NVC on IGN and subscriber and viewing numbers on Youtube below 6 digits are abysmal. I hope IGN will give us more inside in their decision making process and state of their operation.

  4. What's the point of having a youtube channel if you are not making videos? if you stop the video format I do not plant to stay subscribe

  5. This one kills me because I’ve been watching every week for ages and I don’t think I’ll continue while it’s audio only 🙁 You guy’s are the best!!

  6. Very disappointing to hear the no video announcement. Audio only certainly wouldn't catch all the dynamic chemistry of this great cast which makes the podcast so endearing. Really hope you reconsider.

  7. It's always interesting how much opinions vary on the starters.

    To me, this is my far the worst set of starters of all time. Sobble is cute but generic. The other two are just uncute imo. I ALWAYS pick grass, but I just can't get behind this one. 🙁

  8. we have 2 "bunny" pokemon evolutions and then we have Azumarill…so we really don't have that many bunny pokemon like we do birds, horses, lizards, rats/mouses

  9. I will miss the videos seeing your interactions and visual gags.
    Subbed to NVC not to long ago but if there is no Video to go along with the podcast there is no need.

  10. No video?! That makes ZERO sense . I mean, video games are an inherently visual medium. And NVC and Game Scoop! Are my two favorite video game shows to watch every week. This is a terrible idea, and a giant step backwards.

  11. 43:50 Casey rhymed profitable with profiterole.

    I don't search out game trailers so it's nice that they play them while talking about the game. I'm going to miss your guys' video podcasts.

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