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  1. This seems like a unsuspected interview for her not prepared at all lol! You see her 3-4 times look on the left like she's reading info or her agent is telling "You can answer this but NOT that, etc" lol. And hardcore leather jacket, sometimes you heard it twist more then her talking 😛

  2. Yeah, it does make sense…… know what else makes sense, if ya cut down half the population….not just the world, the universe, that'll reeeally help the economy. I mean, that's brilliant right ? Someone should get on that.

  3. Again: it is not hopeful for the viewer and it does not improve the idea that it is going to be a horrible movie the fact that the actors have to explain the movie … BEFORE THE MOVIE.

  4. Is Hellboy supposed to have a love interest? He's had one in the last 2 movies but I read somewhere that he wasn't supposed to and it looks like he will in this movie.

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