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  1. I have never seen pictures that bad on a phone even worse than this. Seems like you were trying to make them look bad

  2. There's an advice for nonremovable battery, charge your phone when it's in 15 – 35%, dont often use the phone till the phone battery drain to 0%, it makes your phone battery getting weaker…

  3. I am using this phone and it can fully charge in max 2 hours to 2 hour 10 mints.
    And it has the dedicated night mood which can produce some stunning indor shots if used correctly.
    Even I liked it's indoor performance with night mood more then it's out door performance

  4. You reviewers always forget to make a mention of the RAM type(DDR3/4) and the dialer vedio call option presence and sometimes software issues like game crashing.
    Game crashing and glitches is a major issue of Xiqomi phones, which no reviewer mentions easily.
    You are mostly egoistic and don't have the courtesy to reply to such questions.

  5. I’ve just bought this phone and this guy is a nob jockey. It takes just over 2 hrs to charge from zero and the night mode camera is superb I can’t justify how good this camera is at this price point. My sons got an iPhone Xs and the difference between the 2 is small, ok the iPhone is better but save yourself nearly £1000, not much go and try it it’s great . The demise of the iPhone has started or they will have to take a massive nosedive in price to survive. The plus points of 8x are most of the cameras features, the display quality, expandable memory ( will take up to 400Gb). This plonker has been bought off by apple assholeeeeeeeeeee.

  6. Im from malaysian. For me honor 8x is great mid range phone.. camera is nice, look at night mode its so cool. No lag, i play game smoothly, like aspahlt 9.. design also looks like flagship phone, so beautiful. Compare to vivo v11, honor 8x is much more better. look at the price, Its cheapest 128gb rom phone in my country..

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