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  1. I wish the CGI could have been better. The story is great, and it's a great way to people who never played the game. It could have been handed better. So I agree.

  2. Jesus fuck their player sucks couldnt get it to run and holy fuck the amount of cookies and trackers not to mention adds they have … good thing its on youtube looks like shit though
    They could have put some effort…

  3. Ugh, I hate to say it but that premise for why Amanda has gone into space to fight the same Aliens actually solves my issue with the one family encountering the same aliens species.

  4. You hardly expect the Hipster Faggot Fuckheads that work at IGN to be able to write a sentence correctly do you? Plagiarism is the only thing those animals can do correctly…

  5. This is what happens when Fox messes with the films. They kill off characters that the fans liked like Shaw, stiffles directors like Blomkamp, then get surprised with the horrible box office numbers leaving us to put up with this crap. Truly disappointing.

  6. It's been a major let down for the alien celebrations/ anniversary this year. Aside the comics about Amanda, still need to get my hands on a copy

  7. They don't give a fuck about us frfr .. That shit was bad.. But it was better then Alien Covenant.. I played Alien ISo over 4 times sooo nothing new for me ???

  8. Personally I thought it was a pointless waste of time and such a missed opportunity much like this entire Read,Play,Watch farce and it is a really sad end for the series under Fox.

  9. So we have one of the greatest horror video games ever made, set in one of the most beloved franchises ever made, created by one of the biggest studios ever made . . . and THIS is what we get?

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