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  1. It's being rolled out very gradually. You can already manually upgrade to the jellybean firmware using Odin but I wouldn't recommend it as you can then never update your firmware using Samsung Kies, I tried it out, but would sooner have the support there so i restored Gingerbread and will wait till the Jellybean update is made available to me. It may take months but it's not a gigantic loss for now.

  2. sooo it there any new news to the update now? I have seen many people say the update will come april 22 but it isn't here yet..

  3. why do people update there phones to jellybeen an d gingerbread and so on?? like wat benefits deos this do for your phone?? wats the difference.please tell

  4. Need a HD video from Techradar on how to update Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 from its Android Gingerbread to Android JellyBean 4.1.1 Please.

  5. Thanks very much. We try out best 🙂 You decided on the Ace 2 then? It's a good little phone for the price – but do be sure to check out other similarly priced phones. There are lots around. We're just cutting together our review video of the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 so check that out when it's uploaded later today…

  6. It just comes down to what UI you prefer. TouchWiz from Samsung or Sony's on the U? The Ace 2 is slightly newer if that changes anything for you? Thanks for watching.

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