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  1. Man, who the heck is this Max guy? Imo last year wasn't that awesome for gamers in general, this year on the other hand there are a ton of games I'm looking forward to. Max is also wrong about the summer months too, I can't even remember the last time I bought a triple A game in July or August. Futhermore I consider June to be the end of spring and September the beginning of fall.

  2. While modern western trash devs seek Hollywood connections by making interactive movies, Japan stays true to its formula of prioritizing gameplay. DMC5 will not be cinematic enough to win an award, but we all know that true quality art never gets mainstream praise.

  3. Only interested in Seikiro, have mostly everything else preordered except the left alive, dead or alive, and that weird anime one. Out of the others, seikro looks the best.

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