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  1. My Mac power brick always looks like it’s about to fall off the wall. Half the time I’m not even sure it’s charging.

  2. what happens to "things" in that "sticker pocket" (fill it) when you use your laptop, they will fall out and then i will look dumb.

    I think i will go with my Bag. my Bag gives me confidence. Even if i have almost nothing in it, I do carry it along most of the times.

  3. i bet nobody will see this…

    to the 2% that sees this i hope you have a bright and successful future! right now i’m trying to build a following as a small yöutūber myself and the future gòal is 10k !!! i’m not asking for anything but if you could líké and súbscïbē that would be amazing ????

  4. Horrible apple engineers… please watch the market, there are a lot of innovation our there! Get your of your cave.. just common sense..

  5. Magnetic plug is cool. A replacement for magsafe that apple stopped using. The last one on a macbook brick surprised me. Didn't they used to have cable management already built in?

  6. I think that a much better solution for the Apple power supply block is to buy a cord from the Apple store that replaces the wall plug on the Apple power supply. Plugging a power block directly into an electrical outlet is stupid. The power block could be easily damaged. The Apple power cord should have been standard on their power supply, but isn’t. The Apple power cord is more expensive for just a power cord, $20. But all Apple products and accessories are more expensive than they should be.

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