After this you'll understand what Bitcoin is for!

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  1. The hope for crypto should be in a "constitution coin". Everything is a rich mans trick today. Finding the truth at home is nearly impossible let alone in other countries. There is much evidence that points to the US as the evil actor here. No way to find the truth when our military has positioned itself behind EVERY media source. Yet we all take confident sides in every issue and divide ourselves further and further from a united worker class. A constitution coin with democracy and transparency written into the code. We will solve nothing for ourselves in the future without dousing the flames of the misinformation forest fire theyve started to extract wealth from the markets. Fight for truth first, then we as a united people can plan a future that works for everyone. America has irresponsibly created too much debt again, the same guys that walked with billions in 08 are up to the same old shit.

  2. Sunny the american Propandagist…
    So Mainstream… but if an other american puppet is implemented and the oil and gold flows to the states than the Mainstream is satisfied…

  3. I didn’t believed the hacking service issue when I first saw it online not until I give a try and I got a grate legit hack transfer of $21,000 from hackercheung@gmail,com his so Amazing ?

  4. What Bitcoin is doing for people living in Venezuela is fantastic, but it is worth mentioning that it is actually Dash that is the most used cryptocurrency in the nation.

  5. Propaganda article written by "someone" who apparently has good knowledge about financials but strangely enough not able to acces us dollar or something else but strangely easy acces to bitcoin and it's whole purchase proces. Now let's talk about the many families who lost their money with bitcoin. What about that? The solution for such countries are acces to a stablecoin. Pitcoin is and stays pump and dump coin. Blockchain is not dependent on any shitcoin

  6. Download the electroneum app to mine etn on your phone. It is not real mining but simulated (airdrops). You can mine up to $3 a month. In South Africa they use etn to top on air time and data. Go to and start mining. You can referral friends and than you get 5% extra of what they mine and they get 1% extra. Use my referral code to get 1% extra: AC975E electroneum for the unbanked. Wish you people from Venezuela much luck and power to the people of Venezuela ??

  7. The issue of Bitcoin is a bubble, Bitcoin just work for one thing as investment and make money day trader. DASH are better option and less hyper evaluated, just saying.

  8. Bitcoin is life. Fiat currency represents a failing system, and stable-coins are pegged to them so when they fall they'll fall. Bitcoin and major Crypto Currencies are the future. I live in an North African country with extreme capital control, and Bitcoin saved my life and opened the world to me financially. Thanks Satoshi and thanks Sunny for spreading the good word.

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