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  1. Long time Game Scoop fan here and I'm honestly sad to see the video version go. You can just go back to the couch setup and have a single camera and we'll still be happy.

  2. Gutted again, beyond I could handle not consuming anymore but games scoop sucks so much as it’s a show to me I loved for so many years and never been a audio podcast, plus I never and don’t enjoy consuming podcasts in audio form. I just don’t intake media very well when there are no visual prompts. I have tried with Colin podcast but didn’t enjoy and haven’t consumed since. Just need go to one hard cam like back in the early day of beyond with Colin and Greg. Don’t need fancy set, VT, graphic etc….. to me this is like the games industry going we are done with fancy graphics and all games will be 8bit again…… please IGN change your mind or I hope the drop in numbers and our reaction will help change your mind.

  3. Daemon is too good looking for your screen. His wife got jealous. Out of all the podcasts, I think this is the one that should remain higher budget, as it is more general

  4. NHL 94 on the SNES only for me. 5 players with the Super Multi Tap. Plus with the SNES 6 buttons you could do tricks like skate backwards with the puck.

  5. I watch Gamescoop, Beyond and Nvc every week. I most likely wont carry on listening to the audio version, so prob will move over to Kinda Funny Games now.

  6. I'm diggin anthem so far. The combat is super fun. I feel the server latency issues will worth themselves with updates. It's not game breaking for me as is.

    But seriously, it’s clearly cost cutting. The games industry is in a recession right now. I’ll get used to the audio version again.

  8. I love YouTube versions. Please don't do podcast only on YouTube. It's a different experience watching you guys every week. You don't have to do in a special studio. Just have one setup for every show.

  9. gotta say, watching the reaction to your faces is sometimes speaking more than your mouths ever can. i feel like there's something being left out by omission here

  10. Well crap in my hat…. terribly disappointed ign is trashing the video podcasts. I know theres a billion one man YouTube channels that can record video… it will take away so much from the show. The cast is always entertaining to watch and seeing video of video games is a huge help.

  11. This is such a bullshit thing to stop the video version… how hard is it to just put a camera and upload after.. just don’t do any production or post, we never asked for any production value, we just want an image.. film it with your iphone for all I care…

  12. Booo! Didn't you read my comment on Unlocked? These are the 2 things I watch from IGN. Damn. Anyways, I'll listen to this but, probably not unlocked.

  13. I'm really going to miss the videos of the games you guys talk about otherwise I wouldn't know what you were talking about half the time. How is this a good thing? I'm not going to be sitting on my couch watching a static image for an hour on my TV burning the image onto my plasma. wtf?
    Just Lazy.

  14. I can promise you I will not be watching or I guess I should say listening anymore.. I don't do podcasts. I always look forward to watching you guys every week. It was a good run not sure how you're saving money on this I still have to watch an ad or two when I push play but I guess it's not worth it for you guys. I'm sorry I can't be a listener anymore. ☹

  15. Boooo. I never listen to podcasts on audio only services, so this really bums me out. Loved watching the interactions. I'm pretty sad.

  16. This show helped me when I was detoxing from alcohol. I would put this show up on YouTube and watch it to help me deal with everything I was dealing with mentally and physically. This saddens me dearly.

  17. You can take Game Scope audio only too. Just work game music back from a high or low pitch to the original and see who gets it first. Boom! Money saved,

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