Bitcoin Monthly Outlook! February 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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  1. Hey Krown, since volume is an important indicator yet it is fabricated on most exchanges how do you like to assess volume in 2018/2019 on tradingview? Do you think that using OBV indicator is worthwhile or not applicable to crypto?

  2. I see crypto like tulips, virtually worthless and driven by hype…did that have another run to the moon or did the tulip prices just fizzle?? 🙂

  3. Krown thanks for all the info watch you every morning here in Cali. Your pic is crystal clear but the price is behind you maybe push it to the top for everyone can see clearly. Thanks Krown keep it up

  4. If you're waiting on Constantinople, you should be waiting on Shelly. The largest actual decentralized network, 1000 staking pools based on BFT and zero knowledge proofs. What that means is that Cardano will be more decentralized than bitcoin, more secure than Ethereum and is set up to run Dapps that actually serve a purpose outside of bullshit games and what not. Cardano is the sleeping giant. You wont find that in your TA analysis.

  5. Is there an official list of Krownisms?
    – Adam and Steve bottom
    – Mrs Buttersworth
    – Mrs Litecoin
    – Ripple's Nipples
    – BitCones
    – Dildo (many variations, girthy, vainy, massive, erect, red, green, etc.)
    – Xday dildo timeframe
    – Chicken Tendies
    – Fwactuls!

    Community, please add on. We need an official list and then Krown can make a shirt and add to his merch.

  6. If we are going to be seeing your mug so much more clearly, do something with that animal growing on the top of your head, bro! (beard looks good, though)

  7. I'm sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but one thing I always get confused with is since crypto runs 24/7 what time would end of day be for crypto?

  8. you're setting the trend in hair styling. i'm not sure if i'm bullish or bearish on that style yet. we'll see how the market reacts, before i get my hair cut that way. 😉

  9. Thank you Krown! It's great to get information from someone who has a deep understanding in what they are discussing. I see so many "big" crypto youtubers talk about economic policies which they have little to no understanding in (Having an education in Business this really makes me cringe at what they say sometimes). You are one of the reasons why I stick around and follow the development of the crypto space.

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