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  1. want an actual beginners drone that wont destroy your wallet? get a Syma X5SW. extremely easy to fly, not the best camera but overall good for learning the basics of quadcopter flying and for only 30 dollars on amazon as of now.

  2. NO! Why the HELL do these people try and push these EXPENSIVE drones onto newbies? This will be a waste of money. $100 or less is all you need to start learning then mastering FLIGHT of the drone. All this bullshit about the drone having the ability of telling you it needs to pee, is irrelevant to learning to fly. STOP pushing these expensive drones! You can learn all you need to know on inexpensive drones with limited automatic features. Flying the expensive ones will be easier than you think once you MASTER manual flying. FPV? Yeah, AFTER you can determine what the heading of the drone is and how to make a left turn quickly.

  3. Wow.. beautiful drone. Very cool footage! Like others, I'm not sure how this falls into the beginner category. I just bought a refurbished DJI Phantom 3 standard for 300 bucks on eBay.. same body style. I like the size.. wish mine was that color. I have a Mavic Pro that I haven't even started up yet. Working/practicing my way up. I started on a Sharper Image dx-2 (cool!).. 25 bucks. Small but snappy.. great for learning controls.. thanks for the show!

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