SG900-S GPS FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This GPS FPV camera drone would be a great first GPS drone for new fliers. Find it here

– Uses 2.4Ghz WiFi. Does NOT require newer 5G WiFi capable phones.
– 1080p HD camera records video directly to a microSD card.
– Controller has a built-in rechargeable LiPo battery.
– GPS/GLONASS drone with real automatic return to home and landing capability on command or on lost signal from the transmitter.
– Position hold, altitude hold, and headless mode capability.
– Advanced flight modes such as follow me, circle me, and waypoints.
– Advanced flight capabilities, FPV video, and telemetry info are available using the LW FPV app. LW FPV app is available on Google Play here and iTunes here
– 7.4V 1100mah battery provides close to 10 minutes flight time.

– Maximum FPV video range with 2.4Ghz is about 125 meters.
– Maximum waypoint range is limited to about 50 meters.
– I couldn’t get circle me to work, but it could be due to pilot error 😉
– Requires two micro USB chargers, 3.7V for the controller, and 7.4V for the drone’s battery. Make sure to double check that you are using the appropriate charger, or you may damage the batteries.

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  1. I'm new to this hobby and looking at this model on (I hope it's this model and not a clone of a clone) maybe someone can answer this… do you put up a wifi hotspot with your phone to fly this?

    How exactly is it connected, you mention 2.4ghz which is a wifi band, but I wouldn't think you were on public wifi at that park.

  2. Good afternoon, I do not know if you can help me I have the drone sg 900 s I connect it with the remote and with the program LW-FPW which is what the manual says, I give the turns to calibrate (but the green lights never stay fixed) I have tried to calibrate many times, in order that all correct wifi signal, I give to turn on the engines and turn off and correct, but when I take off it does not take off, I do not know what can happen, if you can help me u Another friend who has this drone and the same thing happened to him, in advance thank you very much. Tell you that I have two and one of them does not link with the command.

    Sorry for the English, but I'm from Spain and I use the Google translator

  3. Does the manual say LW FPV? Cant get that app to work.

    My manual says "HFUN", but that app doesnt give any information other than flight control.. Perhaps i got the F196 instead? 🙁

  4. I have a ZTE phone from Walmart that goes through straight talk. I have tried every app it says and says it is not compatible with my phone I was able to get in Chinese but cannot for the life of me figure out how to switch to English. PLEASE HELP

  5. Guys i just bought this drone and its amazing! The gps on this drone is incredible. And you dont have to worry about losing it too. It has a return back home function

  6. The best review on YouTube! SO many have flipped their noodle because they can't get this drone to takeoff. Calibrate if it needs it and you're set!

    I bought this one for my daughter and she's great at using it and I am still very impressed…

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