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  1. Why even have the AC name on it anymore? It's not AC, it stopped being AC a long time ago. This has turned into 'going-through-the-motions-the-game'. I used to love this series too…

  2. Native 4k 30 hdr on the worlds best and most powerful machine at £350 The XB1X.

    Dont pretend your pc does 4k or suffer shitty 1080/1440 p on the pro…just buy the X and feel TRUE power ?

  3. This used to be my favorite franchise. The once science fiction is now a science fantasy. Now, a Witcher 3 wannabe, milking the franchise in the name of profit and innovation by abandoning its identity.

  4. I remember how people were complaining about how ubisoft destroyed assassin's creed by allowing people to switch to a female character. & Now every one I know only plays with Kassandra. No one even remembers what the name of the dude is. ?

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