Best $50 Camera Drone with Folding Arms 2017 – 8807HD-G – TheRcSaylors

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Almost all of the folding arm toy grade drones we have had on the channel have been seriously sketchy. We were pleasantly surprised with the 8807HD. Coming in around $50 this camera drone performed great! You can also purchase the .3mp camera for around $35 at the link provided too! This would definitely be a great beginner drone for anyone because of the altitude hold. We really like this one!

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  1. great video guys . its the exact drone i bought and it just arrived in the post so im looking to learn how to fly it. i hope mine flys as good as that one. my only problem with videos like this is noone ever shows footage of which buttons youre pushing . i want to learn to fly it and i cant if i dont know what buttons to press to do certain things . apart from that , great job

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  3. Now most WiFi is 2.4ghz, some good quads like the dji spark has 5.8ghz WiFi OR 5.8ghz transmitter so that it does not interfere with each other.

  4. Hi there I have this drone and it is really worth it's money and was my intro to the hobby. Actually they really had a version with the visual positioning I saw it myself in china. There was a cam just before the battery door hatch . At the time I know nothing about these drones so I took the 8807 W version because the cam image was better then the one which had a two cams. I managed to get almost 30 min flight time in this thing. I used a 3.7V 2500mAh 18650 battery to which I soldered a hat connector. It fits in the hatch if you keep the set up slim. Just need trim a bit to the forward since the battery 18650 is a bit heavier then the stock. Another similar drone Visio 809 but that has a proprietory battery. They still sell it so it's a recommended for first timers.

  5. Great video,
    QQ: What happens if it goes out of range?
    QQ: Are you screwed?
    QQ: Do you get warned if getting out of range?

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