Bitcoin TA: Warning Signs For Bitcoin! – Constantinople Hardfork Today!

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In this video we do some Bitcoin TA, and discuss the potential bullish and bearish scenarios for Bitcoin in the coming days. We look at multiple Bitcoin indicators, and do thorough multi-interval Bitcoin technical analysis to make a bitcoin prediction for the next few days. Following that, we discuss the Ethereum Constantinople Hardfork, and discuss security concerns regarding hardforks such as Constantinople and St.Petersburg.

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  3. The 25, 50 and100 day moving averages and the EMA ribbon on the daily chart is what is supporting BTC right now with the uptrend line dating back to the 8th. The 4 hour EMA chart alone is what is causing the down pressure. Longer term chart indicators are stronger than shorter term.

    I'm having a hard time understanding how that 4 hour EMA ribbon could possibly over take the daily ribbon, moving averages and uptrend line by itself. I simply do not believe it will. It tried and we came back up very quickly, as indicated in this video. I believe we'll see a move back up to the 4200 area to test the heavy resistance in that are as well as the massive descending resistance line dating back to Jan of last year before we possibly see another dip to the 3350 range…if at all.

    Unless we see a massive intake of manual sell volume, the bots trading on chart indicators and the 4 hour EMA ribbon simply can't drop the price with all the underlying support right now…it's just not going to happen.

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