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  1. Halo Was Awesome Till 343 Showed up Bungie gave up on halo because they didnt have anymore ideas after reach because the way reach ended. screwed up Halo CE Because Master Cheifs Armor Is In it But his armor is Mark 4 But In Halo CE He Has Mark 1 Armor In halo reach every armor is Lvl 1 to recruit to 100 inheritor but i dont understand why 343 Got to take name in the master cheif collection even tho bungue made all the games except halo 4.

  2. Halo 3 and Halo reach are one of the best games I've ever played and It had me for years and It was my only fun in dark times as a kid I LOVE THIS GAME SON

  3. Cinematics and music are by far the best from any game I've ever played. bungie worked super hard on this game and it shows.

  4. This really was the accumulation of bungi on the coveted Halo Franchise gameplay, story and content wise truly an amazing games 100s or hours wasted of my life to this and I would do it all over again…masterpiece

  5. An amazing game. A moving story, stunning music, all game modes complete and working on release day and it all ran on a console with just 512mb of RAM. That is how its done.

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