Is Facebook Coin a Threat for Bitcoin?

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About the Author: sunny decree


  1. ???? Facebook is dying bro. It’s penchant for speech censorship and it’s centralization as well as promoting liberal mind cancer will be its death. FB and big tech are PRIME for the disruption that’s coming

  2. My main interest is how easy it would be easy to acquire the Facebook coin… And how easy it would be to convert to BTC.

  3. But why would a stable currency that has unique value will affect the Bitcoin price? Also if that coin is centralized then people will be only using it on WhatsApp.

  4. Facebook credits was kool, everyone bought some than no one used em. It was difficult to use & by the time it became usable no one wanted to use it.

  5. come on, FB's shitcoin has no chance at all. it's something totally different. if anything, it helps bitcoin. FaceBook is definitely NOT the biggest threat to Bitcoin.

  6. No wonder every top fortune 100 companies whether it’s Facebook or google or JPM all are threat to conventional crypto currencies which are not backed by any well established name.

  7. Bitcoin and some alt coins is the future but Facebook coin or whatever they want to called them won’t have any value or gain just for transaction but and sell stuffs, also Facebook will sell your info. Will help the adoption more faster YES, they’re going to beat Bitcoin or Alt coins ? NO.

  8. All social media apps will use their own coin for their own purposes internal to the app. A stable coin or one with such an ever increasing high supply that it makes it stable enough. They will still have to interact with other crypto currencies of value in order purchase items outside their ecosystem if allowed. So not a threat. Whats app users will not even own the keys and will be slaves to a centralised BS system.

  9. Sunny, I'm a big fan. fbc does have the reach, but btc is literally financial freedom (decentralized) that many people need. Btc is non-fungible, making it a sexy collectible, which potentially strengthens it store of value. There are additional layers and technologies to increase tps, provide fungibility and more, brought to you by the most brilliant minded people. In my humble opinion, btc is unstoppable and has/is/will pave it's own way, irrespective of fbc or any other coin. Just to be clear, I also believe other altcoins will succeed and improve people's lives. As a fan, thank you for being active and giving us such great content with a unique perspective <3

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