One Thing Needed To Push Bitcoin's Price Higher & Go Mainstream

Bitcoin needs more adoption, how do we do it? Merchants are getting increasingly involved, cryptocurrencies are getting faster, but where are the consumers?

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  2. I'm sorry you pulled your latest video about facebook coin. You were really giving some good info there but then the video disappeared.

  3. I own/operate a power equipment business and recently, I put up a "Bitcoin accepted here" sign. Not many people interested in buying chainsaws or snowblowers with crypto lol. Though i had a friend tip me with Tron on a repair we did. I think its just soo early in the game still, but i certainly am excited to see what happens. I think USD coin is easier for people to digest right now, and might be the pioneer for adoption!

  4. I`m a plumber and except crypto and I give 25% discount for BTC and 10% for the rest. No one has payed using crypto yet. I use a nexo bank card and spend crypto got a few pints with ETH last night.

  5. I disagree. Right now bitcoin is digital gold. Once it is hoarded enough, the market cap will move to the trillions. Then merchants everywhere will want to tap into that and accept bitcoin. We don’t have to do anything but hodl and accumulate more!

  6. I use crypto every day. for everything. HOW? I back my USD with the smart contract CDP. The shop has no idea I am using crypto, because I have USD. I simply leverage my crypto and the CDP is the loan in DAI which is then exchanged to USD at a 1:1 ratio (no cap taxes) and whatever I spend, I replenish and/or pay down the CDP. simple and brilliant. This is how you become inflation-proof.

  7. I buy all i can with BTC, but one problem i have with it is that i know most of the coins i pay with are just sold instant for usd on the open market as soon as i use it.

  8. Great points Lark! And us all thinking just me doing this won't make a difference, if we ALL do it, it WILL make the difference. ☮️☮️☮️

  9. What we need are businesses who accept only crypto and at the same time offer the best prices. This might be possible if crypto hodlers invested in such businesses and even if the businesses weren't profitable, if the effect was more adoption, the price might just start to moon and they will clean up. Need to think outside the box. At the very least a foundation should be established which focuses only on getting more adoption because the ones who currently control the system are working hard on the exact opposite.

  10. I've been a crypto trainer between my friends and family, sometimes I just deliberatly ask them for lunch or a cofee… Then
    nicely "enforce" them to open a crypto wallet in order to pay them back after that some of them get curious and ask me more questions about it.
    This is a small way I use t o bring more people in
    It has been psycologically hard to pay with quality money since Gresham's Law dictactes bad money (fiat) stay in circulation and good money is stored.

  11. Hey Lark, where do you buy small amounts of BTC? For dollar cost averaging and topping up those small BTC spends.
    Coinbase is too costly and Caleb and Brown sound like it's a 2k minium! Not really efficient.
    Cheers for the video Lark!

  12. I resonate with your desire for supporting the "currency" aspect of cryptocurrency with this "campaign." I fear though that like anything that runs counter to natural human priorities, it will only succeed under the peer pressure of an active campaign. As soon as the friendly nudges end, so will the behavior.

    The reality is that most people buying BTC right now in developed countries are buying it for price appreciation. They buy it the way they might buy gold if they thought it was cool and convenient enough. Just like they have no interest in taking a gold nugget to the convenience store to buy bread and milk, they also don't want to go to the bother of acquiring crypto only to spend it like that. I just don't see BTC being the coin to even attempt to try to turn into an actual currency. It does better as digital gold.

    That said, when you were talking it became really clear to me that I would spend my LTC the way you're describing. I'm not sure why I feel that way about that coin, but I do. It seems more like something that's value is in quickly transferring it to someone else for low fees like digital cash. I might would feel that way about DASH (which I think takes its name from the concept D-igital c-ASH) but I don't. That one also feels like a speculative play for me. Maybe it's that the current price of LTC is not that far below it's $200 high last year, whereas other coins seem to have more upside? I really don't know, just that if merchants accepted it (and I did have a mobile wallet with some stored, which is a great point) that one I would actually spend.

  13. People who have bitcoin dont like to spend it. But… if i were going to spend it, locks would be a good choice. Stay safe guys

  14. I actually saw how wechat/Alipay was able to replace cash in China. When I moved to China in late 2014, wechat did not have a wallet and Alipay was the Chinese equivalent of PayPal and only used in Alibaba . Then the next Chinese New Year people begun sending each other money gifts thru wechat and Alipay. These small amounts you need to deposit to your bank to cash it out. I was still not able to use Alipay and wechat because it required you to have a Chinese Id which foreigners do not have. Then slowly merchants begun to accept wechat and Alipay as payment and customers begun to use them as wechat and Alipay began to give people discounts to use them. Then on Singles Day, China’s equivalent of Cyber Monday, online stores begun to give massive discounts if you use wechat and Alipay to pay for your purchases. This the time I finally begun to use wechat and Alipay as they finally dropped the requirement for the Chinese Id. Then my local supermarket begun to use Alipay and wechat then new apps for bike sharing and China equivalent of Uber to begun to accept them. Then vending machines and local restaurants also started accepting wechat and Alipay. I begun to find the cash In my wallet was not getting spent as I paid more with my smartphone than my wallet. It took less than 2 years for them to replace cash in China. Also LocalBitcoins began to accept also wechat/ Alipay and I use them to buy bitcoins. When time is right , btc will get adopted quickly. I already use Bitrefill to top up credits to my phone using lightning network. I’m already moved back to Philippines and as Alipay bought shares in GCash , they are slowly applying lessons learned in China. And the cryto exchanges here accept gcash as payment. So slowly, when btc is high enough I can convert btc back to gcash to purchase things

  15. there are soooo many issues with Bitcoin, I don't understand how anyone with a brain actually believes in the project. It's been 10 years. Y'all had 10 years to make it work. It still can't scale. On to the next blockchain then. What's so great about proof-of work? It's like we invented automobile and folks wanna hold onto the Ford Model T as if it will be the only car we will ever need….Get off that prototype and move on.

  16. Why would anybody do that? Why bother? Nothing with paying with cash, visa or mastercard. Bitcoin had 10 years to find product market fit: it failed miserably. Now they try to spin the "store of value" narrative….lmao…epic fail. Bitcoin is s**. Bitcoin maximalists have s** for brains.

    Fact is we have yet to have a blockchain that scale, that is secure and decentralized. Maybe Cardano, Dfinity or Algorand will be the answer. Hell, maybe Ethereum 2.0 will somehow fix its delays and finally deliver. In the meantime, Bitcoin was great as what it was intended to be: a prototype. Thank you Satoshi, we've learned and now we're ready to get real.

    Bitcoin is (should be) dead. Long live crypto.

  17. Lark is great! Many people like to use credit cards to receive the bonus points and cash back. Not sure they would switch to use Crypto?

  18. Hey Lark, love your videos. OST is so under the radar but I think they have the right idea to go mainstream. They are integrating existing businesses and helping them tokenize with a full stack blockchain platform to progress (think stripe for the blockchain), Watch these guys…major partners buying OST to tokenize soon, helping current businesses transition, not the next great Dapp creation but the next great crypto ecosystem to help great companies integrate now! Thank me later. Lots of love brother

  19. I strongly recommend that this topic is one of the most important that social media needs to push hard, thank you for walking the walk and for the quality and value you provide 🙂

  20. My Bitcoin is like digital gold and a store of value. I hold it in case the current financial system has a sharp downturn like we did in 2008. Currently the debt/gdp ratio of most western countries is growing quickly, some are even about 100% now. I expect a big global financial crises again within the next 5 to 10 years. And honestly, I really do like Bitcoin and other cryptos "for the tech". 🙂

  21. If you are spending crypto in the bootstrap phase you are doing it wrong. Hodle that crypto until it is valued by all. Then it can be used as a medium of exchange.

  22. One of the easiest things anyone can do is simply raise awareness in the Public. So what I do all the time is ask the merchant if they accept the cryptocurrencies. If I go to local store I ask, if I go to barber I ask, Cinema I ask…although I know they don't I just play dumb and ask nevertheless. Most of the time people look at me like wtf are you talking about, but at least they hear about it. I believe if they would have 5 visitors daily for example, asking the same question eventually they would become interested and investigate the space and what is it all about . And for us, early adopters this is really the simplest and easiest way to spread the awareness ! cheers guys !

  23. Well, here is something you all need to remember:
    CentralBanks printing more and more money. More debt, more credit, more fiat…
    There is not much left for central banks. One option, and that is negative interest rates!!!
    Can you imagine you put your money on your bank account, for example 100$ and your bank
    tells you: "Sir, you have 98$ in your bank account."
    Then you withdraw money and they tell you:"Sir, fees 2$. You have 96$."
    Banks are not Banks anymore. They also want to tax! really tax cash!
    But good for crypto folks! Bitcoin can only rise and rise…

  24. The problem with spend and replace is when you buy BTC you need to pay very large fee! But for sure if a coffe shop would like to accept BTC or SMART in my area I will go, but no place to spend it in Quebec city for now! But lot of place to spend in Montreal! 😉

  25. PundiX is a superb system and can also be used on the fly in concerts, festivals etc……and I really wonder if the Big cryptos support these POS systems enough…………ETN is at the forefront of adoption and just gets a lot of hate from the community, jealousy and lack of foresight in my opinion.I hope they team up with PundiX, they are both at Barcelona this week

  26. Uphill struggle Lark, I for one wont be spending any crypto for lower than I paid for it, but now have a Wirex debit card which i will be practising the spend and replace, and a good feature of the card is it has multiple cryptos including BTC,LTC, Waves, Nano,and a few others, which gives the added option of using the best performing coin of the day…AND provides a good off ramp to fiat, especially using cashback in Supermarkets, so lots of plusses.PLUS you can swap between cryptos in the wallet and pay with your phone in cryptos.

  27. Alright Lark! Here’s YOUR Challenge: “Challenge other Crypto Influencers to broadcast this same message. MAKE IT GO VIRAL!!! This will be your Torch!!!

  28. Lark what are your thoughts on bitcoin ATMs and what are some other ways of pressing mass adoption other then just spending bitcoin?

  29. I would lovr to use crypto more if fiat to crypto exchanges didn't charge so much to buy crypto.
    Until then I am forced to be a hodler, and therefore only buy at certain price drops because I am forced to hold the bag until things turn around

  30. I tried to spend 150 in crypto the other day. Only way to do was send my funds to Coinbase Commerce. Not happening. Picked am American company to buy crypto and I still get hit with international fees. Really don't like Coinbase at all. Any suggestions for Americans.

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