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  1. It is truly a shame. I've loved ben Affleck as the dark Knight since BVS, the take on a older Batman, his increased brutality, he looked the part, sold it well, I'm pissed he's gone, (along with Henry Cavill) like won't it be EXTREMELY jarring to see new faces in roles we've seen prior? Unless of course they just dispense with Superman and Batman's story arcs altogether to avoid hiring new actors idfk, I've heard Robert Pattinson is in talks to be batman but who really knows…

  2. Because he wanted to. I'm sure Chris Evans and RDJ want to get out of their contracts but can't. Hugh obviously didn't want to play Wolverine anymore long before Logan, but was probably had no choice but to do a couple of X-Men films to just get it over with and because it was probably iron clad.

  3. Affleck seems to be cursed when it comes to superhero roles. First he does Daredevil but the studio doesn't want to show the director's cut in theatres. Then he becomes one of the best Batmans ever but the script he has to work with is terrible and once again, the studio doesn't want to release the director's cut in theatres.

  4. Unpopular opinion …didn’t want him to play Batman anyway did you see what he did in Batman vs superman 1.) 100% not better than Christian bale 2:) he cant be that chunky its just not the bruce Wayne get up

    Its like replacing chris as thor with john cena !! Hell to the no

  5. I don't understand what he just said… He didn't like the script/direction? This is a guy who was in Raindeer Games, Gigli, Coming Home for Christmas, Jersey Girl!!! Whats another swing for shitty movie scripts and direction? Dam fool! That's the reason why I give it to Matt Damon he follows through look how much they milk that Bourn Identity series. I don't care at this point make Matt Batman!

  6. Dont buy it for one sec! Jay Oliva has stated that Ben's script was the best Batman script he's ever read. WB dont know what they are doing…sigh.

  7. 100% WB are telling him not to mention any details about it. Hopefully one day he can just let loose and tell us everything that went on. BTW Scott Adkins for next Batman imo.

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