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  1. Unfortunately a group of morons are going to destroy our hail universal lure because they feel they have the right to and now they're going to alter this whole maze universal of men and women both fight side-by-side so they can have a group of scenarios that they feel will work which has no death of story has no interests of narrative and alters universe completely and they're going to be one person in the office she's going to tell us if you don't like the game don't buy it and we just going to do that don't buy it they're walking a thin ice don't follow that dumb group and just stick with the people who love your franchise

  2. This is why they will never make a perfect halo game. They over here getting into politics and making sure all genders are happy instead of actually listening to the fans and giving us a great game. We need skilled developers who love halo and listen to the fans. So hopefully whoever they hire loves halo. Don’t care if your a guy or a girl since you know that’s the only 2 genders that actually exist don’t care about the imaginary genders people are making up. Just make sure your a halo fan and make halo great again lol #makehalogreatagain

  3. Hire someone based off their skills and what they do with them. Not what’s between their legs. Companies don’t want to be classified as “sexist” without females working there. It should matter on job performance not gender.

  4. This has nothing to do with gender inequality. Men generally are more interested in tech jobs, just as women are more interested in being teachers, nurses, etc. If this gender imbalance thing is all because of sexism then why hasnt anyone complained about so little male teachers?

  5. I don't understand the problem here just hire people who are qualified I mean look what happened to Star Wars they hired mostly women to do the writing and fired a lot of the men just for women empowerment and look at Star Wars now just because of someones race or gender doesn't make them qualified for a job.

  6. What the hell? People should be hired based on their skill and expertise, not their gender! You shouldn’t just hire a bunch of women purely for the fact that they have vaginas. You should hire the best suited people for the job, no matter their race, gender, or religion.

  7. As long as they are talented in game development, I don’t care. But if the is only for the sake of diversity and equality in terms of race, nationality, gender, etc, then I going to be mad.

  8. While ultimately I agree with the sentiment "hire the right people for the right job" there are plenty of women interested in game development and are qualified to be in the industry. Plus the more new blood that comes in with different backgrounds could generate new ideas or concepts for games that werent thought of by the old team. As long as those being hired are qualified they should be welcomed with open arms.

  9. All of these once great games just forcing women into new titles just ruins something that was so fun and special to play. Like they’re not being sexist with it. Cortana is a huge female role and there have been other huge female roles in past games. I want them to make a game that will be enjoyable and not feel forced. What they’ve done in the past for halo 1-3 was amazing (I didn’t like 4 and 5 that much) if they can replicate that for this new game that would be better than forcing women roles into the story.

  10. How about just make a game instead of trying to force this we must show females are more powerful than men or match them in something agenda thats going on. Just because you don't have a lot of females in a feild of work doesn't mean its a must have or why bother type thing Just make the games with whoevers available ffs -_-

    Why is that so hard to understand?

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