How to get FPV DRONE RACING for under $300! Parts +Full setup.

How to get into drone racing for under $300. A complete guide on what to buy? How to set it up? and how to get drone FPV racing with the best gear you can get for under $300. This kit is the real deal and unlike most of the other cheap stuff out there this is actually going to last, be reliable, have bucket loads of speed and most importantly a heaps of fun. This kit includes a quad, radio, fpv goggles, charger, and battery. Everything you need to get up and drone racing. LINKS BELOW

Eachine Wizard ARF racing quad–
FlySky 1a6 Radio Receiver combo –
Kylin FPV vision goggles –
(UPDATE 16th of Janurary) – A bit more $$$ but I just tried these goggles and they are AMAZING
4s lipo battery – if not working try this one
new – battery because other sold out
Battery Charger –

Seems the batteries are sold out, you could also use these – better quality but a few $ more

Instead of the kylin goggles you can also get the cheaper Ev800s but I recommend the Kylins for the few extra $$.

At the time of making this video it totalled up to about $290ish. But I understand that people may be watching this video even though the prices have changed. But the point is that this is the best kit you can get for the money. You CANT get into the fpv racing hobby with anything less and anyone who tell’s you otherwise is either misinformed or doesn’t know what they are missing. I have reviewed a TON of quads and FPV gear and shopped around and if you are wanting to get into the hobby this is ABSOLUTE CHEAPEST you can do it without wasting your money on Junk.

So with that said and done. WELCOME TO THE HOBBY. You are going to love it and it is a lot of fun.

RECOMMENDED UPGRADES in the future are

– More batteries – like 10 – 20 more because you won’t want to stop.
– Frsky taranis radio
– Fatshark FPV goggles (dominator or attitude series).


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  1. As a cautious person getting into this hobby. I have looked for flaws in this build in lots of forums and comments. I cant find anything better then this. thank you for such a great bang for buck build.

  2. Wow Stew, been watching your vids for twelve months and never seen this vid! That's my first set up!!!! Do agree, was a great way into the hobby!

  3. Hey, thanks for the video and I bought all these items but I am really having a hard time setting it up. Apparently my firmware on my I6 is from Aug of 2017 and I don't know how to update it and also when I try to get it going with betaflight it says no response from bootloader. Do you have a setup guide video for these items? Thanks so much

  4. I really want to build my drone, but I dont know if it would be easier if I I just bought a pre built and learned as I went, what do you think? I have a small budget as I am 16

  5. Do you ever give away any of your older gear that would be good for a beginner? I am looking at getting into drone racing. I currently do real estate photography and have a Mavic Pro but I am looking for some speed now.

  6. I have my wizard and I’ve binded it and set all my channels and I’ve tried to connect it to beta flight but when I do it fails to open serial port. And it does nothing when I flick the arm switch and it just does nothing when I give it throttle or anything

  7. Hey, I can't help but notice that after each video, the price increases. This is probably because the sellers notice the increase in sales after you release each video but this is just a heads up, I subscribed by the way 🙂

  8. I seen your computer picking up the signal from the controller. Would it be possible to just skip out on the goggles and use your computer to see?

  9. After crunching some numbers and finding tax, the total for me came to $283.6, as of cyber Monday 2018. I would pick out the parts asap before th deals end, because I expect prices to go above $300 with all the working links, (original battery used in video doesn’t work, and the headset aswell, so more money is payed for each.) Also note the sales tax of you state can effect the price.

  10. so about the drone:
    ive seen the newes 99$ build. i dont care if i have to put the parts together myself but is it worth it to buy this drone instead of building one for 99$?
    what are the big differences?

  11. For me the betaflight setup isnt working. I have no receiver input at all. If someone knows how to solve this problem please help me. Thanks in advance

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