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  1. They cut the video short because IGN answered with "but there is no snakeman in metal gear solid… i know zelda and mario…who would play the main protagonist, metal gear??"

  2. Who ever gonna be casted as the Legendary Solid Snake, I am pretty certain they will select their candidate perfectly!!

    They have been taking a long careful approach regarding this project, this has been regarded as a massive project and carefully mapped to avoid ruining the franchise!!

    I would rather wait for a considerable time to deliver the final piece other than rush this major project!!

    Because through the years Konami had problems letting this franchise move to the movie theaters!!

  3. Idk, Oscar Issac really has the look down, I saw that painting. But the problem is Snake is very tall. He's supposed to be like 6'4". They need an Actor that both fits Snake's look but also his physic.

  4. Everyone is saying we should get David Hayter, and while that would be amazing, we all know it probably won’t happen, and honestly I think Poe Dameron would be a cool snake, if we couldn’t get David.

  5. I couldn't care less, i won't see the movie anyway. Metal gear is over since Konami dumped master Kojima. Even the last phantom pain i couldn't connect anymore with Snake because it was not David Haiter anymore.

  6. I think he can play the role Solid Snake… i mean he look like michael biehn … and Solid Snake is base from the character Kyle Reese in the very first Terminator film.. The portrait of Kyle Reese in the cover of the First Metal Gear Game….
    I just want the Metal Gear Movie really happen so…..

  7. Please no, I know Oscar whatever was in Star Wars blah blah but don’t ruin the movie. Put the man that fits the body type and the role please ??

  8. Wyatt Russell (Kurt Russell's son) should play Snake. He was giving me strong Snake vibes with his character 'Ford' in the 2018 movie 'Overlord'.

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