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  1. Lol this is just another format that’ll be cheaper it’s not for everyone, this is Microsoft’s version of apples format when they release smaller, less advanced phones like the iPhone color thing that came out

  2. Microsoft is so innovative with the Xbox brand. From no games to also no discs? Truly amazing. You'd think instead of making more controllers and other versions of the same console that they would actually try and invest the money into some quality games, guess not.

  3. If this was available when I bought mine, I would have gotten that instead, granted, of course, the hard drive was a terabyte or two. Mine is all digital anyway.

  4. This needs to be at least 2TB at the base version cause i think 1TB is already not enough even with the disc drive on mines.

  5. Disc less consoles are going to be all that there is soon. Just gotta accept that. Sooner than later. Even Samsung isn't making anymore Blu Ray players.

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