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  1. I tried this with friends last week, but every time we went into view a film etc that someone was playing, all we saw was really bad distortion and sound problems. My friend tried streaming something and the sound was playing out of sync and the program just kept freezing?! We gave up in the end and just synchronised watching the programme on oculus desktop while sitting in their oculus home together lol

  2. I would gladly pay theater prices for the chance to watch current movies at home in vr versus dealing with a busy theater. It would be alot more convenient and comfortable, imo.

  3. Awesome video buddy! It cost me £30 to take my kids to the cinema the other day, be cheaper for me to buy the family GO's in the long run and watch movies on Bigscreen.

  4. The drivers are impressive and shows dedication ? I can’t wait for the next film showing I hope I don’t miss it lol

  5. Man, I never knew this kind of application existed! Super cool, can’t wait to see what future brings! Makes me want to purchase a VR headset and a PC (my old laptop probably wont work lol). I’ve only tried Google cardboard before ?

  6. But… We all knew this
    VR is obviously the future of media content consumption
    Now if my VR contact lenses i preordered from amazon would just arrive before the year 2032
    i could perish happily

  7. I have an application called virtual desktop and it's super cool, you can play desktop games in VR sort of… There is a giant screen in front of you but you have to use the mouse and keyboard

  8. Great subject and well done. I was wondering about this. I think it would be way cool to just kick back with your VR headset on and watch reasonably recent movies, like you can on Netflix and so forth. I would want it to be such awesome quality.

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